VSG bill addresses lack of to-go cups in Bronson

(Photo by Hunter Long)

(Photo by Hunter Long)

Scarlett Bach

Last month, Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) passed a bill regarding an often overlooked part of campus life: to-go cups, or a lack thereof, in E. Bronson Ingram Dining Hall.

In Bronson, students can elect to either eat in house or take their food on the road. However, unlike in other dining facilities, no to-go cups are provided to accompany the available disposable food containers.

The bill states that the absence of to-go cups makes it difficult for students to get a beverage, which “runs contrary to Campus Dining’s principles of ‘nutrition’ and ‘value.’”

According to Chris Martin, Bronson Senator and one of the bill’s sponsors, VSG passed the bill with the aim of standardizing resources across dining halls so that students can access and expect the same services anywhere they go on campus.

After meeting with VSG on Feb. 12, Campus Dining Marketing & Communications Manager Julie Akard Crider said that they are considering the request.

Nonetheless, the student response to this proposal has been mixed, with some calling out the bill’s lack of environmental consciousness. Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility club member Fehintola Agboola said that she worries about the implications of this influx of waste.

“I understand the desire for and convenience of to-go cups, but they also come at the expense of the environment,” Agboola said. “In addition to further exacerbating the amount of plastic in landfills, it would contribute to the general thinking that convenience is worth more than the environment.”

Despite these concerns, other students commend the bill, citing its benefits in terms of promoting hydration and health on campus.

“As someone who doesn’t bring a water bottle to class, I constantly need to remind myself to drink water throughout the day,” freshman Cate Delafield said. “The to-go cups would make it easier for me to consistently keep up my hydration.”