The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University

The Vanderbilt Hustler

The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University
Since 1888
The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University

The Vanderbilt Hustler

The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University
The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University

The Vanderbilt Hustler

The official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University

About us

The Vanderbilt Hustler serves as a news source for Vanderbilt University’s campus forum for students’ perspectives. The Hustler’s content is divided into six sections, each of which is run by an editor and staffed by Vanderbilt students:



The News section provides information about university changes, announcements, initiatives and influential on-campus events, focusing on their effects on the Vanderbilt environment. The News staff also covers local, state and national happenings in relation to the Vanderbilt community. The News staff maintains close connections with campus leaders, including administration, student government and other faculty and staff.


The Life section provides readers with updates on everything entertainment, music, fashion, food and beyond. Life offers an inclusive look at student life and culture, granting readers unique opportunities to explore Vanderbilt’s campus and Nashville at large.


The Sports section provides comprehensive coverage of Vanderbilt varsity sports teams, holds those in charge of Vanderbilt Athletics responsible for their conduct and tells the stories of Vanderbilt student-athletes.


The Opinion section offers a platform for students to express their views, reactions and suggestions. Opinion articles take a stance on issues affecting Vanderbilt students as well as ones that affect college students more broadly. The Opinion staff analyzes Vanderbilt affairs, policies and campus climate and offers their input in a concise, constructive manner. All Vanderbilt students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty and staff members are encouraged to submit guest editorials and Letters to the Editor for review and possible publication. See our guest editorial and Letter to the Editor policies to submit your own.


The Photography staff seeks to report on Vanderbilt-relevant news through visually compelling mediums. Staffers utilize photography to cover events and tell stories. Specifically, the Photography section maintains close relations with Vanderbilt Athletics and receives press passes to photograph many Vanderbilt sporting events. The section also works closely with the Life and News sections to cover concerts and events within the greater Nashville community.


The Hustler produces a series of podcasts online and via Spotify. The mission of the podcasting section is to share the stories of the various people on Vanderbilt’s campus in a relatable, unfiltered and genuine way. Every week, our podcasters share insightful tidbits about their college lives, ranging from course advice to research projects, through conversations with their peers. Our podcasts span a variety of styles, from NPR-style investigative journalism to roundtable discussions to one-on-one interviews.


The Data section encompasses a variety of data initiatives of The Hustler. The section works to produce data-intensive, investigative stories that don’t necessarily fall under the realm of the other sections. It also produces annual surveys on the Vanderbilt student population. Working with the Graphics section, the Data section also creates data visualizations for Hustler content.

The Side Hustle

The magazine section of The Hustler is home to more creative styles of writing; we aim to be a place for writers to put a strong voice into everything they publish. Each monthly edition is published digitally and features stories and graphics that are coordinated under an overarching theme. The Side Hustle currently has four key sections that embrace our role on the “side” of the paper: My Side (personal essays), On the Clock (campus), Time Off (arts & culture) and Overtime (features). In addition to these sections, we have a “Break Room” that features a cartoon and a would-you-rather, as well as song and podcast recommendations.

Our history

The Hustler began as a weekly campus newspaper in 1888 and is the oldest newspaper in Tennessee. “Published without faculty approval or review, the newspaper was sharp, critical, deliberately controversial,” Paul Conkin said of the paper in his 1985 Gone With the Ivy: A Biography of Vanderbilt University. “It aired issues on all sides, freely criticized faculty and the board, entered enthusiastically the debate over McTyeire’s successor, and was a sounding board for student complaints.” 

In 1967, the paper came under the control of Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC), an organization independent of Vanderbilt University but housed on campus. In 1998, The Hustler became financially independent from Vanderbilt University by declining activities fee subsidies. The publication currently remains a division of VSC.

As a way to ensure that Vanderbilt stayed on top of the shift to online media and news and remained a leader in the student media industry, VSC decided in 2006 that it was necessary to move student media at Vanderbilt toward a digital delivery model. The result was, an online campus news source. InsideVandy and its staff made efforts to ensure that the site was at the forefront of digital media presentation. At the time, The Hustler solely published print editions. 

In 2014, leaders of The Hustler and InsideVandy came together and decided to merge the separate divisions in the best interest of Vanderbilt Student Communications. The VSC Board approved the proposal, and became in Fall 2015. 

Following the 2015-16 school year, the VSC Board, with support from The Hustler staff, voted to move The Hustler solely online from print. The decision sought to allow for a greater focus on content production and technological advancement while following in the direction that the journalism field was headed.

The Hustler’s current header graphic and brand was updated in the summer of 2022 and was designed by Alexa White, Rachael Perrotta and Katherine Oung.

The Hustler staff works alongside other student media leaders in Suite 130 of Sarratt Student Center.

Weekly Digest

The Vanderbilt Hustler Digest is sent via email to subscribers each Monday morning during the academic year and periodically during academic breaks. Each Digest includes a collection of stories from different sections of The Hustler published that week. These stories are also highlighted on our social media on Monday mornings. To subscribe to our Digest, click here.

Staff editorials

The Hustler periodically composes staff editorials to represent the views of the entire Editorial Board. As such, every member of the Editorial Board approves the final version of staff editorials before it is published. Staff editorial topics are often proposed by the Editorial Director but also may be suggested by staff writers or other editors. Staff editorials cover a range of topics, from Vanderbilt news to culture to national politics.

If you have questions or would like to submit a response to a staff editorial, please email our Editor-in-Chief, Rachael Perrotta, at [email protected]

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