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About Us

The Vanderbilt Hustler serves as a news source for Vanderbilt University’s campus and forum for students’ perspectives. The Hustler’s content is divided into six sections, each of which is run by an editor and staffed by Vanderbilt students:



The News section provides information about university changes, announcements, initiatives and influential on-campus events. The News staff also covers local, state and national stories, especially when these stories affect Vanderbilt students. The News staff maintains close connections with campus leaders, including administration, student government and other faculty and staff. 


The Life staff brings readers updates about entertainment, fashion, food, music and more, both on campus and around Nashville.


The Opinion section offers a platform for students to express their views, reactions and suggestions. The Opinion staff analyzes Vanderbilt affairs, policies and campus climate and offers their input in a concise, constructive manner. Additionally, any Vanderbilt student (undergraduate or graduate), faculty or staff member is encouraged to submit their own opinion pieces, Letters to the Editor and reactions to previous pieces for review by the Opinion Editor and for possible publication as a guest piece. See our editorial and Letter to the Editor policies to submit your own.


The Sports section provides comprehensive coverage of Vanderbilt varsity sports teams, holds those in charge of Vanderbilt Athletics responsible for their conduct and tells the stories of student-athletes.

College Voices

The College Voices section is composed of columns written by students with expertise or passions in a variety of areas and experiences.


The Multimedia staff reports on topics in all areas through visual forms, as well as creates accompanying images for regular coverage.

Our History

The Vanderbilt Hustler began as a weekly campus newspaper in 1888. The paper came under the control of Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC), an organization that is independent of the university itself but is housed on campus, in 1967. In 1998, The Hustler became financially independent by declining activities fee subsidies, although the publication remains under VSC.

Following the 2015-16 school year, the VSC Board, with support from The Hustler staff, voted to move The Hustler solely online from print. The move sought to allow for a greater focus on content production and technological advancements while looking to get ahead in a direction that the rest of the field seems headed.

The Hustler’s header graphic was designed by Jessica Mo.

For Hustler archives, please contact Vanderbilt Special Collections and University Archives at 615-322-2807 or [email protected]edu.

Weekly Digest

We release a collection of stories in an email each Monday morning to those subscribed to receive The Vanderbilt Hustler Digest. The email features pieces from across different sections of The Hustler published that week. If you would like to subscribe to Digest, click here.

Staff Editorials

The Vanderbilt Hustler composes staff editorials in order to represent the views of the entire Editorial Board. As such, every member of the Editorial Board must sign off on the final version on a staff editorial before it may be published. Staff editorial article topics are often proposed by the Editorial Director but may be proposed by staff writers or other editors. Staff editorials cover a range of topics, from news about Vanderbilt to cultural observation to national politics.

If you have questions or would like to submit a response to a staff editorial, please email the Editorial Director at [email protected]

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Interested in joining The Hustler? The Hustler is an inclusive space, welcoming of journalists with and without prior experience. To learn more about being a part of The Hustler and to join the staff, please email our Editor-in-Chief at [email protected].