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Student activists hang signs on the Commons Bridge demanding divestment. (Photo courtesy of Dores Divest)

GUEST EDITORIAL: Vanderbilt, it’s time to divest from fossil fuels

October 18, 2020

Vanderbilt is falling behind other top universities that have already divested from the fossil fuel industry. Until students demand action, millions of endowment dollars will go towards exacerbating the climate crisis.

The Tennessee State Capitol is the seat of government for the U.S. state of Tennessee (Hustler Multimedia/Emily Gonçalves)

GUEST EDITORIAL: Teach me, Mr. President

September 23, 2020

One education major’s call to fight against easy answers.

As Vanderbilt prepares for both online and in-person classes in the fall, the voices of many faculty, from tenured professors in Stevenson to grad instructors in Wilson, have been sidelined. (Hustler Multimedia / Emily Gonçalves)

GUEST EDITORIAL: Risky for no reason? Faculty demand answers

August 21, 2020

Vanderbilt’s leadership has jeopardized our community’s safety by prioritizing in-person classes while ignoring faculty concerns.

The fraternities and sororities on Greek Row have immense problems, but these organizations—and the people within them—are not irredeemable. (Emily Gonçalves/Hustler Multimedia)

GUEST EDITORIAL: How Abolish Greek Life gets it wrong

July 24, 2020

I cannot support the movement to abolish Greek life in its current iteration with a clear conscience.

Greek Row is the main hub of Greek life on Vanderbilt’s campus, but has also become a hub of race and class exclusivity. (Hustler Multimedia/Mattigan Kelly)

GUEST EDITORIAL: Social positives of Greek life don’t cancel out the political and moral negatives

July 19, 2020

Many of us might see Greek life as a wonderful social organization filled with sisterhood and socials, but lurking underneath the surface is blatant racism, classism and exclusion based on looks, rank and more.

The Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on Greek Row. (Hustler Multimedia/Mattigan Kelly)

GUEST EDITORIAL: A message from the former brothers of Delta Tau Delta

July 15, 2020

After our failed attempts at reforming the Greek Life system, we are dropping our Greek affiliation in hopes of creating a more unified and inclusive social experience for everyone on Vanderbilt’s campus.

Coronavirus research has been taking place at Vanderbilt Medical Center. (Hustler Multimedia/ Emily Gonçalves)

GUEST EDITORIAL: Dear Vanderbilt, commit to a free vaccine

July 15, 2020

As a leading research institution, Vanderbilt must pledge their COVID-19 research to the development of a free vaccine that is accessible to all for the sake of health equity and racial justice.

Plants in one of the Vanderbilt Greenhouses, which were permanently terminated last school year.

GUEST EDITORIAL: On the closure of the outdoor recreation center

June 29, 2020

Vanderbilt’s promise of future sustainability does not compensate for its current environmental failings.

The Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center(BCC). (Hustler Multimedia)

GUEST EDITORIAL: Let’s get real about what’s happening

June 26, 2020

A discussion on misogynoir and intersecting oppressive systems.

E. Bronson Ingram is a Residential College located on Vanderbilt's main campus.

GUEST EDITORIAL: 10 days is not enough time for international students to make a decision about the fall semester

June 22, 2020

In a situation where we needed the university’s support the most, Vanderbilt administration has disregarded international students’ concerns and uncertainties.

Kissam Center, a hub for Warren and Moore College, is located on Main Campus.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Vanderbilt has made it clear: incoming transfers are not worthy of the Vandy experience

June 21, 2020

Vanderbilt disregards the incoming transfer class via mandatory off-campus measures, potentially tarnishing the on-campus experience only preserved for first-year students.

Photo provided by Laine Finn

GUEST EDITORIAL: A pandemic shouldn’t stop Vanderbilt’s commitment to equity for LGBTQ+ students– it should heighten it

June 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased challenges for LGBTQ+ students, and Vanderbilt hasn’t fully recognized or prioritized the needs of our community.