Meal periods to be discontinued next year

Students are no longer restricted to the four time frames, but must use swipes at least one hour apart


Brandon Jacome-Mendez

Through negotiations between Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) and Campus Dining, beginning in Fall 2019, meal periods will no longer be a part of the dining system. Instead, students will be able to use their allotted meal swipes freely at any time with only a 1-hr lockout period between swipes.

Under the current system, students can only swipe once within meal periods, of which there are four each day. Under the system beginning next year, students can swipe as many times as they wish per day, but there must be a one hour gap in between swipes.

“We wanted to make sure that students had the flexibility to eat whenever they want and also if they have a couple extra meals at the end of the week they can use them to stock up by swiping multiple times in what would have been the same meal period, just an hour apart,” VSG President Tariq Issa said.

Among students, this change could have a positive impact, allowing campus options to work with their schedules.

“I would find this change welcoming because it would allow me to get something to eat when it’s most convenient for me so I can avoid wasting swipes,” second-year Gabrielle Rodriguez said.

In addition to the elimination of meal periods, Campus Dining also plans to expand operations in both Kissam and the Highland Munchie Mart. Highland will have a hot and cold food bar, and a dish room and dining room will be added in Kissam, according to ter Kuile.

Director of Campus Dining David ter Kuile said that changes to the meal plans were made in order to standardize the dining experience for all students. Dining believes the changes will align with the vision for the Residential College experience and help address food insecurity on campus, ter Kuile said.