Fall trends of 2016: New and old styles that are essential for your fall wardrobe


Allison Boyce, Social Media Director

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Nothing signals that fall has arrived better than pumpkin spice lattes returning to the Starbucks menu and fall fashions emerging from the back of your closet.  After this year’s New York Fashion Week, everyone’s been buzzing about some of the wacky new trends seen on the runway this season–but never fear, you can look cute this fall without having to don a cape or velvet underwear.  Here are some exciting fall trends that are arriving on the scene this season, as well as timeless pieces that are returning once again.

New trends to watch:

  1. Chokers.  A fun way to spice up any outfit by adding an edgy vibe, chokers come in so many different shapes and designs that you are bound to find one that fits your personal style.  Or get creative and make your own.      
  2. Off-the-shoulder tops.  This new style for dresses and blouses brings a summer flair to the fall season.  Express your girly side by wearing a pastel off-the-shoulder top with jeans for a casual night out.  One-shoulder tops are definitely still in as well.    
  3. Bell sleeves.  This 70s trend has recently made a reappearance, and gives any flowy dress or shirt a bohemian vibe.  You can dress this look up or down, with wedges and a statement necklace or with birkenstocks.    
  4. Corduroy.  Skirts, jackets, jumpers. You name it, corduroy is in.  Pair a corduroy skirt with a belt, a knit sweater, and some tights for a preppy fall look.  
  5. Pastels.  The typical fall color palette of browns, tans, and maroons can become drab and monotonous after a while.  Pastels such as pinks and baby blues are a flirty way to switch things up.  Throw on a pastel sweater or cardigan with any outfit to add a soft pop of color.     
  6. Velvet.  You really don’t have to wear velvet underwear, unless you’re into that, but velvet accessories such as velvet chokers or velvet bralettes are a great accent to any outfit.   
  7. Turtlenecks.  You might think that only your mom wears turtlenecks nowadays, but this trend has revived with a vengeance.  You can opt for a comfy turtleneck sweater or an elegant turtleneck black dress.  Who knew the turtleneck was so versatile?     


Older trends that are returning:  

  1. Oversized sweaters.  This item is a must for fall. Throw a large, soft sweater over a dress with tights for a full outfit or simply wear one over a t-shirt with jeans for a casual look.  Either way, you’ll be cozy and warm while also looking cute.    
  2. Ankle boots.  You can wear ankle boots any time of year, with a skirt and a sweater or paired with a floral dress.  And the good news is that ankle boots will never go out of style, ever- so this “trend” will keep on trending every year.  Hit up your local Topshop or Nordstrom today.   
  3. Blanket scarves.  Another staple piece from last year, blanket scarves are an easy way to accessorize plain t-shirts or simple blouses.       
  4. Boot socks.  Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and H&M sell boot socks of all kinds of patterns and designs that accent ankle, knee-length, or over-the-knee boots.      
  5. Jean jackets.  Jean jackets are like a steady and reliable pair of jeans: you find the one that calls to you and wear it for years.  The essential jean jacket will never go out of style and can be worn in any season, but for fall especially, jean jackets look great with dresses or skirts and tights.

There are so many exciting and unique styles emerging this fall season that allow you to express yourself and add your own personal touch to every outfit.  While these trends listed above are some popular styles for this upcoming fall season, there are hundreds of other possibilities to look trendy.  Don’t be afraid to start your own trend or to experiment.