Andrew Belle to play High Watt Sept. 16

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Andrew Belle will perform his newest album “Nightshade” in Nashville on his fall tour.

Marissa Tessier, Staff Writer

We did it, everyone. We survived nearly a year and half with no concerts or music events of any kind. But that pain is finally coming to an end: live music is BACK in Music City! No one could be happier about this return than us, the Life section—after all, live shows and events make up practically half our content. So get hyped, guys. This fall marks a long-awaited return to form: for you, for us and for live music everywhere.

Andrew Belle will play songs from “Nightshade” and other albums on his fall tour stop in Nashville.

Next up in our fall concert preview series is singer-songwriter Andrew Belle. Hailing all the way from Chicago, Belle is set to make a stop in Nashville on his fall tour to perform an intimate, personal show featuring songs off of his Aug. 2021 album “Nightshade.” 

The experience of the album feels like being underwater; each song brings you closer to the surface until you’re finally able to take a deep breath and resubmerge. The moody and mellow songs are hypnotic, and you may not often even notice transitions from one song to the next sometimes because they flow so well together. Throughout each track, Belle addresses some difficult mental health topics and the ways that we cope. He tackles feelings of being lost and exhausted, yet almost every song has a happy ending due to the positive impact of the people he loves on his life. 

The album’s most well-known single, “Spectrum,” is influenced by the effects of the pandemic, specifically that feeling of increased codependency with your loved ones. With lyrics like, “Last night I thought of you and the color lifted me from the ground,” we really hear Belle’s raw emotions on this challenging subject.

Other songs to check out on this album include “My Poor Heart,” a love song that SYML collaborated on, as well as the titular single, which reflects that confusing feeling of dreaming and not wanting to wake up. You really can’t go wrong with any of the album’s tracks, which are the perfect vibe for a late night jam session. 

The acoustic set of Belle’s Sept. 16 show will also feature songs from his previous albums, including “Black Bear,” “Dive Deep” and “The Ladder.”

Check out the music video for “Spectrum” on YouTube, or listen to the full album on Spotify. Buy tickets to his show here. Jon Guerra to open.