IN PHOTOS: Hot Multi Summer 2022

A snapshot of Summer 2022 with the Multimedia Staff.


Arianna Santiago

A customer checks out fresh bouquets at Pike Place Market in Seattle, captured on June 11, 2022. (Hustler Multimedia/Arianna Santiago)

The Multimedia Staff spent their summers all over the country and world. While they were off interning, researching and recharging before the school year, our staffers always had their cameras on hand. Take a look through their lenses this summer.

Miguel Beristain, Deputy Multimedia Director

This summer, I stayed in Nashville to work in a Vanderbilt University Medical Center Infectious Disease Lab. Even in the lab, I found a way to incorporate photography through microscopy imaging! Other than that, I started taking pictures at a friend’s backyard musical? shows and going to bigger concerts? for fun. Despite working every day, I still managed to get out and take pictures while attending local shows, protesting and traveling.

Arianna Santiago, Multimedia Sports Specialist

I spent my summer close to home in Seattle, interning on an Xbox Software team at Microsoft! I spent my off-hours exploring the city, hitting the trails and chasing sunsets. I also volunteered as the event photographer for the Ignite Your Torch Catholic Youth Conference and clocked more than 30 hours behind the lens in one weekend. All in all, it was a summer to remember.

Barrie Barto, Multimedia Director

I spent a lot of time on the beach this summer enjoying time with my family and some incredible South Carolina views. In July, I took a trip to Chicago to visit friends from Vanderbilt and attend Lollapalooza.

Teguono Okotete, Staff Photographer

This summer, I attended the Google CSSI program virtually, and I also visited my hometown of Nigeria. When I was home, I biked a lot with my friends.

Claire Gatlin, Staff Writer & Photographer

This summer I interned in Paris with a non-profit called Serve the City. In my free time, I traveled around France and surrounding countries.

Connie Chen, Staff Photographer

This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity to visit a couple of countries in Europe! One of my most memorable experiences was visiting the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, as well as seeing the beautiful blue and white clay buildings in Santorini. It was definitely a photographer’s dream! I am so grateful for all of my experiences this past summer, and am excited to explore more countries in the future.