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Statue on Vanderbilt's main campus dressed in a mask. (Hustler Multimedia/Emery Little)

ABBOTT: We can wait for the vaccine

Annabelle Abbott, Staff Writer
January 24, 2021
The first Federal King holiday was celebrated in 1986. Original photo of King taken by Marion S. Trikosko in 1964. (Hustler Staff/Miquéla Thornton)

THORNTON: Pose a threat to propaganda

Miquéla Thornton, Opinion Editor
January 17, 2021
A gallows hangs near the United States Capitol during the storming of the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. (Creative Commons/Tyler Merbler)

SCHULMAN: Unity is a joke

Max Schulman, Senior Writer
January 14, 2021
The Vanderbilt Slant’s logo (The Slant)

KRISHNAN: Read The Slant

Abhinav Krishnan, Staff Writer
December 20, 2020
During a normal school year, Vanderbilt freshmen line up to spell the year of their graduating class, which unfortunately could not happen for the Class of 2024. Vanderbilt University)

ABEL: Class of 2024, we did it.

Zoe Abel, Staff Writer
November 30, 2020
Protesters are outside of Belmont University prior to the last Presidential Debate. (Hustler Multimedia/Hunter Long)

JOHNSON: White allyship is fair-weather

Morgan Johnson, Staff Writer
November 29, 2020
This year, Americans are expected to drop $148.5 billion over the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday, up $285 million compared to last year. (Hustler Communications/Emery Little)

WANG: A case for spending less this Black Friday

Debbie Wang, Staff Writer
November 27, 2020
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