IN STYLE: Vanderbilt students bundle up against the cold


Rami Lieberman // Photo by Hunter Long

Claudia Willen

When we came to Vanderbilt, many of us arrived from colder climates and set aside our parkas and wool socks. Yet here we are, drudging through icy campus paths in single digit temperatures. Some of us react to the lack of class cancellations by begrudgingly trekking from building to building in baggy sweatpants and slippers. Others view the powdery white backdrop as an opportunity to don their best winter fashion. Take notes from this week’s featured students on how to handle the cold without sacrificing style.

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Rami Lieberman
Winter staple: “The beanie.”

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Paul Gomez // Photograph by Hunter Long

Paul Gomez
Winter staple: “Dry boots.”

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Tanya Wadhawan
Winter staple: “This Zara scarf because it doubles as a blanket. I can use it to sleep wherever I am.”

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Michael Moblui
Winter staple: “I’m wearing H&M joggers with zippers on the side. I have a nice warm blue bomber that keeps me warm. Definitely had to pull my fur out today.”

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Erin Primdahl // Hunter Long

Erin Primdahl
Winter staple: “My hat.”

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Paul Garrard // Hunter Long

Paul Garrard
Winter staple: “Patagonia jacket.”

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Rachel Anand // Photograph by Hunter Long

Rachel Anand
Winter staple: “I really like my tank top. Everyone has already yelled at me for wearing it, but I wear it in the classroom because it balances out the indoor and outdoor temperatures.”

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Jeremy Mani
Winter staple: “This sweater was on hella sale. I’m from Houston, so this is pretty much what I’m wearing for the next 30 days.”

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Lauren Lipa // Photograph by Hunter Long

Lauren Lipa
Winter staple: “My handmade crochet scarf. It would get wet if I wore it sledding though. Extra socks are also important. My toes are pretty numb right now.”

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Sion Henry // Photograph by Hunter Long

Sion Henry
Winter staple: “My mom’s old coat and a hat that I got a long time ago. I’m wearing a bunch of stuff that I had before.”