Anighya Crocker, Class of 2021

Claudia Willen

Some call it, “70 degrees and sunny with a light breeze.” Nashvillians call it, “sweater weather.” If you’re wondering how many more Octobers you can slide by wearing the oversized cable knit sweater with a questionable hole in the armpit, the answer is none.

Fashion guru Lois You dished out Fall 2017’s must-have trends coming straight from the runways of New York and Paris to Vanderbilt’s campus. Checkers, trench coats, floral patterns, silver and bold graphics are exploding in the high fashion world, and You expects to start seeing these trends around campus.

“Zara is a great way to know what the Fall 2017 looks are because they take high-end designer brands and put them in their collection at an affordable price. This year’s collection reflects Chanel and Dior in its checkers and Fendi and Givenchy in its trench coats.”

Obviously, these brands don’t typically fall within college student budgets. You doesn’t think high price tags should scare aspiring fashionistas away.

“Not all of us can afford these crazy expensive designer brands. You don’t need to wear them to be fashionable, and it’s not about following every trend. Brands like Zara, Urban Outfitters and Asos carry great pieces and aren’t nearly as pricey. It’s all about finding what you like and knowing what works on you.”

For some ideas on how to incorporate You’s tips into your wardrobe, here are some of the Life section’s featured Vanderbilt students:

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Photos by Claudia Willen and Corinne Fombelle