Thursday, December 13, 2018

The legacy of Sept. 11 reminds us of the commitments of...

During times of crisis, we should recognize the dedication that our presidents have to this country

The Democrats need to stop patting their backs about praising John...

When a Republican crosses party lines, liberals cheer; but when a Democrat does it, they jeer

Saved by the Bat: The True Power of Sports

“Piazza is going to be the batter. Here is the man the Mets want up in this spot, down one, late in the game.” Millions...

The double standard in the hip hop conversation

When addressing societal problems, hip hop gets attributed as the cause for Blacks more than for whites

Leaving the echo chamber: how the rise of fake news requires...

Given that disinformation is beginning to target liberals, we need to re-evaluate our campus political culture

“Diversity and inclusion” is not just black and white

Vanderbilt’s efforts to create a more diverse community must include all minorities

We need more than just minority representation

As we see in Crazy Rich Asians, just because minorities are represented doesn’t mean we are living in a post-racial society

We need to take hold of John McCain’s legacy

Our campus should look to the late Senator in order to fix civil discourse

An Ode to Juuls

The repurposing of the rehabilitative e-cig represents the height of our generation’s comic abilities

Letter from the Editor: Welcome back, Vanderbilt

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