Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What Matt’s Traditional American Values gets wrong on race

We can’t say “all lives matter” until we can say “Black lives matter”

Will it matter that we’re “woke”?

Future generations won’t care about our intentions if we remain inactive

UPDATE: opinion piece on hazing

This morning, an opinion article was posted on the Vanderbilt Hustler website regarding fraternity hazing. The piece did not go through the appropriate editorial...

Vanderbilt needs to improve its accessibility to computer science

When it comes educating students in Comp Sci, Vanderbilt’s resources have failed to keep up with the times

Our obligations at Vanderbilt eclipse our appreciation of the people back...

How a bomb that never came can remind us of what really matters

Consent is not a nicety

The fact that we treat it like one reveals a dark reality about campus culture

Switch your voter registration to Tennessee

The upcoming midterms are set to be a slug-fest, and our Senate race might shape up to be a primetime matchup

Revisiting the quota system as a replacement for affirmative action

Our process of achieving diversity in admissions needs fixing

The net neutrality repeal is an attack on small publications

The Hustler and other low-traffic sites will lose out to corporate giants