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Comedian James Corden arrives at Number 10 Downing Street to interview UK Prime Minister David Cameron  (Andy Thornley from London, UK, licensed with CC BY 2.0)

WANG: James Corden, Fish Eyes Can be Delicious

Debbie Wang, Staff Writer May 30, 2021
As Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month draws to a close, America must continue to reckon with the country’s anti-Asian racism.
Statue wearing mask

ABEL: Never Have I Ever

Zoe Abel, Opinion Editor May 30, 2021
My first year of college was the "Never Have I Ever" game I didn't want to win.
Empty path on campus

GUEST EDITORIAL: Solidarity with whom? A response to Vanderbilt Student Government’s latest letter.

Foster Hartmann Swartz, Guest Writer May 29, 2021
As a former student and current Jew, I object to VSG’s bizarre and antisemitic rhetoric.
The more Vanderbilt students vaccinated, the better. (Hustler Staff/Alexa White)

WHITE: Innoculate or vacate – make Vandy vaccination mandatory

Alexa White, Staff Writer April 29, 2021
The COVID-19 vaccine should be mandatory for Fall 2021.
The H-1B is a work visa that foreigners must obtain in order to legally work in the U.S. (Hustler Communications/Emery Little)

MAI: What the new H-1B visa policy gets wrong

Suiyang Mai April 27, 2021
The new waged-based H-1B assignment is anti-meritocratic and brings substantial harm to both foreign employees and U.S. industries.
Group projects have more benefits than drawbacks. (Hustler Communications/Emery Little)

WHITE: Group projects are a necessary evil

Alexa White, Staff Writer April 25, 2021
College group projects are hated, but they are one of the best ways to learn.
The Empty Chair COVID-19 memorial was set up on Library Lawn April 6 and 7 and honor those within and outside of the Vanderbilt community lost in the pandemic. (Photo by Joe Howell courtesy of Vanderbilt University)

THORNTON: What’s due in the mourning

Miquéla Thornton, Opinion Editor April 21, 2021
When capitalism doesn’t allow for true grieving, how can that desideratum be provided by a university that unimaginatively exists in its framework?
Empty chairs inside of Calhoun Arch on Vanderbilt's main campus. (Hustler Multimedia/Alex Venero)

GAO: Invisible in plain sight: the erasure of Asian American trauma

Jenny Gao, Staff Writer April 20, 2021
My people cannot keep crying and grieving in the dark while America is more afraid of being seen as racist than protecting its people of color.
Kirkland Hall houses a large portion of Vanderbilt's administration.

FELLAS/KUMAR: We aren’t getting the liberal arts education we expected

Nora Fellas and Induja Kumar April 18, 2021
Vanderbilt is certainly not giving students the multidisciplinary education or the critical thinking skills necessary to create solutions for real world problems.
Project Safe helps direct and heal survivors of sexual assault

SMITH: Voluntary intoxication is not an invitation for assault

Nora Smith, Deputy Opinion Editor April 11, 2021
Despite what recent court rulings might suggest, sexual assault is never at the fault of the victim.
Studying planner for the 2020-2021 school year. (Hustler Multimedia/Emery Little)

COBBINAH: Embracing the four-day work week

Jessie Cobbinah April 11, 2021
"The way we've always done things," meaning five eight-hour work days in a row and two days off the clock, is not necessarily the best way to do things.
Empty classroom on Vanderbilt's campus. (Hustler Multimedia/Josh Rehders)

SMITH: A supported and necessary classroom change: three feet of distance instead of six in K-12 schools

Nora Smith, Deputy Opinion Editor April 4, 2021
With new CDC guidelines, K-12 schools are moving to three feet of social distance, a change which should be welcome so more students can attend school in-person.
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