Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Why it’s important for STEM students to vote in 2018

Because science overlaps with hot political issues, STEM majors have a stake in this year’s midterms

What we can learn from the Kavanaugh hearings

We give men the benefit of the doubt, but hold women’s testimony to the highest possible standard

We’re giving back to our communities for the wrong reasons

Nike’s Kaepernick ad encapsulates Vandy kids’ disingenuous motivations for service

Marsha Blackburn’s career of setting women back

Marsha Blackburn touts her dedication to helping women; it’s all a facade

Alex Jones and the free speech question

In a healthy democracy, freedom of expression cannot apply only to those with whom we agree

The defense of Brett Kavanaugh and why men hate #MeToo

In order to stem sexual assault on campus, we need to make sure men know that their actions will follow them

We need to separate the art from the artist

We can appreciate the value of an artist’s work while judging their personal actions as an independent entity

In response to Chen’s attack on affirmative action: the truth

Affirmative action is necessary to right historical, systemic wrongs against marginalized communities

Harvard, the buck stops here

In order to dismantle the inequitable affirmative action system, we have to start with racial quotas

Why you’re wrong about campus dining

Although Dining has made changes that frustrate some, we should consider it one of the costs of creating an inclusive campus.