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GUEST EDITORIAL: A different perspective on student debt

GUEST EDITORIAL: A different perspective on student debt

Calvin H. Warner, Guest Writer

January 4, 2020

As Democratic candidates unveil their student debt relief plans, we must assess why there is such staggering debt in America and address the root causes of the problem.

LIU: AXLE is not AXLE enough

The application to receive funds opens today and students can expect adjustments in their accounts on or before April 15, 2020. Photo courtesy Claire Barnett

Sophia Liu

January 4, 2020

AXLE, as it stands, isn’t benefiting the academic experience and steps need to be taken to better execute it.

LANGFORD: Buttigieg’s student debt plan fails to give free tuition to those who actually need it

Kirkland Hall.

Will Langford

November 16, 2019

Mayor Pete’s commitment to “riding the middle” comes at the cost of effective student debt policy.

GUEST EDITORIAL: “No Day But Today”一 A solution is needed to American gun violence

Read on to learn more about how social media gurus and established brands alike are contributing to efforts in resisting COVID-19.

Caroline Wilkerson, Guest Writer

November 15, 2019

Last year Pepperdine University lost students due to a bar shooting. We can’t let that happen at Vanderbilt. The time for gun reform is now.

SCHULMAN: Stop worrying so much about job recruitment

Resume checklist at the Career Center

Max Schulman, Editorial Director

November 14, 2019

The numbers don’t lie: Vanderbilt students are set up for financial success; you should remember that when your first-choice option rejects you.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Tennessee is attacking college students’ voting rights – Vanderbilt must invest in its efforts to further our suffrage


Editorial Board

November 13, 2019

Fair elections are the cornerstone of American democracy. They hold our leaders accountable to the people they represent. The openness of the ballot box manifests the equality of rights citizens hold in this nation. As such, the institutions which control our elections should be doing everything th...

BUSSMANN: Learning a new language is a window into another culture

BUSSMANN: Learning a new language is a window into another culture

Alexa Bussmann, Senior Writer

November 11, 2019

While learning languages like Spanish may be practical, learning indigenous, non-European languages, like K'iche' Maya is an opportunity to invest in personal development.

SHEEHAN: Why isn’t transfer student housing prioritized like Commons is for first-years?

Blakemore House (Photo by Hunter Long)

Ned Sheehan

November 10, 2019

Housing vacancies like Blakemore that transfers are commonly placed in are distanced from campus life and make it even harder for transfer students to adjust to life there.

CHANG: Vanderbilt Campus Dining—my greatest enemy and my best friend: Why I stopped complaining about the long lines at Rand

2301 Kitchen (Photo by Kelly Chang)

Kelly Chang

November 7, 2019

Upon realizing the care put into my 2301 smoothies, I learned to stop complaining about Campus Dining.

THORNTON/FRITZLER: Politicon brings contentious topics, cross-aisle engagement to Nashville

Mock Trump vs. Bernie debate (Photo by Miquéla Thornton)

Will Fritzler and Miquéla Thornton

November 5, 2019

Through humor and somewhat benighted debates, the ‘Political Comic Con’ fostered discussions and offered enlightening new political stances and ideas

ROTTMAN: The college admissions scandal shows that wealth is what dictates our broken justice system

Sunset over E Bronson Ingram Hall and Kirkland Hall on Sep. 27, 2018. Photo by Madison Lindeman

Dominic Rottman

November 2, 2019

Wealth is a defining factor in how we perceive what is just.

STAFF EDITORIAL: As a leader in the Nashville community, Vanderbilt must make an effort to reach out to the Kurdish community in its time of need

Nashville from above. (Former Hustler Multimedia/Emily Gonçalves)

Editorial Board

October 30, 2019

After an Oct. 7 phone call with Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Donald Trump ordered a sudden withdrawal of 50 U.S. troops from the Turkey-Syria border. He doubled down a week later, ordering the evacuation of roughly 1,000 troops from Northern Syria. Erogdan has since sent troops into Syr...