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Five things you need to know about the new season of ‘Queer Eye’

The Fab Five are back for Season 3

Netflix released Season 3 of the hit show Queer Eye on March 15, and the Fab Five have returned once again for more feel-good life makeovers. Here are five things you need to know about the new season. (Minor spoilers ahead for all seasons.)

They have a DOG (!!!)

If you thought Queer Eye couldn’t possibly get any better, prepare to have your expectations shattered. The newest edition to the cast is French bulldog Bruley. Bruley is heavily featured in scenes at the Fab Five’s lounge and belongs to the Queer Eye producer, Michelle Silva. In the post-episode snippet after episode one, “From Hunter to Huntee,” Antoni Porowski introduces Bruley en français, which is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts. Bruley is truly the staple of Queer Eye, absolutely stealing every scene and radiating good boy energy. You can also follow him on Instagram @bruley.

They filmed in Kansas City, Missouri

While Seasons 1 and 2 were filmed in Atlanta and the surrounding area, the boys have relocated for Season 3. This means a new Fab Five lounge, a new city to navigate and a new culture to explore. This also means they film at unique locations, most notably a campground in the episode “Lost Boy.” Season three also teaches us that designer Bobby Berk is not only exceptionally gifted at redoing traditional homes, but he possesses the impressive ability to revamp BBQ restaurants and campsite homes alike. However, even though the geographic location is different, the emotional impact of seeing a nominee’s life wholly changed by the Fab Five remains unaltered.

In some respects, the new season is more raw

We see the cast opening up on an unprecedented level. Of course, those who have seen seasons one and two will remember such tear-inducing moments as Antoni’s statement that not all parents are accepting of their non-heterosexual children and Bobby’s discussion of his past relationship with the church. This season builds on these previous moments, violently tugging on viewers’ heartstrings. We see Antoni touching on his battle with addiction and Bobby continuing to discuss his past relationship with the church. Given the prior context of the first two seasons, such moments of utter humanity have a strikingly profound effect on viewers. This utmost candor also reminds nominees and viewers alike that everyone has their own issues in life and that the ability to admit and confront such personal issues ultimately leads to a stronger self.

Once you start, you won’t want to stop

Let’s just say you may want to block off a significant portion of your day before you decide to delve into the new season. From the quirky moments, like Tan’s monosyllabic pronunciation of “squirrel,” to the more heartfelt, like when the Fab Five help a recent widower find closure and move on while honoring his wife’s memory in “Elrod & Sons,” Season 3 is a holistic offering, as each episode complements the others in a unique way, and the end of one episode prompts a yearning for more.  

Things really just keep getting better

The feel-good vibes are omnipresent. With Karamo’s empathy, Tan’s eye for fashion, Jonathan’s next-level hairstyling skills, Bobby’s utterly astonishing ability to redecorate home interiors and Antoni’s cooking prowess, they truly do change lives. Their conversations with nominees concerning each other’s social, political and cultural points of view demonstrate a multi-dimensional nature that most other shows, regardless of genre, seem to lack. Of course, there are also countless hilarious moments; the Fab Five has an undeniable chemistry and approachability, leading viewers to feel they know the cast personally. Queer Eye proves once again that it has it all, and, as the theme song proclaims, things just keep getting better.

Cover photo courtesy The Hollywood Reporter.

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