Monday, February 18, 2019

Tag: Trump

Protestors call Sen. Flake “coward,” “hypocrite” outside of Chancellor’s Lecture

Flake’s talk on the conservative conscience was met with criticism from a group of protestors who say his focus on civility is hypocritical

Under proposed Title IX changes, uncertainty and caution color campus conversation

Proposed Department of Education regulations allow greater institutional freedom in handling sexual harassment on college campuses

Our senators need to speak out against the separation of immigrant...

In doing so, Corker and Alexander would better represent Tennessee’s values

Matt’s Traditional American Values: The omnibus spending bill marks a low-point...

Trump’s decision to sign a $1.3 trillion spending bill that funds Planned Parenthood should make every conservative question the president’s commitment to our values

Giving teachers guns is a bad idea

The Hustler’s editorial board explains that arming teachers is not only wasteful, ineffective and dangerous––it takes away from teachers’ ability to do their jobs