PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Dancing into spring on campus

Photos of a new season on campus.


Narenkumar Thirmiya

Flowers near Buttrick Hall, as photographed on Feb. 10, 2023. (Hustler Multimedia/Narenkumar Thirmiya)

Barrie Barto, Photography Director

Life on campus this week sprung into action. The men’s basketball team had a big home win against Tennessee early in the week while lacrosse and dance shows took campus by storm a few days later.

A week for performers

Early February marked the restart of concert season in Nashville. On Feb. 3, Mitchell Tenpenny came to the Ryman, and Suki Waterhouse and Blondshell came to Nashville the next day to play at the Basement East. Later in the week, Deputy Photography Director Sara West sat down with GUNNAR to hear about his career trajectory. 

Vanderbilt VIBE, Vanderbilt’s premiere hip hop group, had their annual showcase on Saturday with appearances from Tongue n’ Cheek, Tap That, VIVID and Momentum. 

Big wins at home

Vanderbilt Men’s Basketball beat No. 6 Tennessee on Feb. 8, building up momentum for the team’s wins over SEC foes Ole Miss and Florida later in the week. The women’s basketball team also had a home win against Arkansas, the team’s first SEC win this season. Lacrosse started its 2023 season with an overtime win against Colorado on Friday but lost to the University of Denver on Sunday. 

Editor’s picks 

The sky finally turned blue this week and flowers have begun to peek out around campus. 

The Dores Worker Solidarity Network hosted an event on campus while the Mid-South Innovation Summit took place across the street at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel.