PODCAST: Return to campus, big win against Arkansas, plus new segments

On Episode 16 of Live from West End, Frankie Sheehy joins Aiden Rutman and Bryce Smith to discuss men’s and women’s basketball. The trio also introduces three new segments.


Nikita Rohila

Vanderbilt was lifted by a noisy home crowd on Jan. 14, 2023, at Memorial Gymnasium. (Nikita Rohila/Hustler Multimedia)

Aiden Rutman, Bryce Smith and Frankie Sheehy

This week on Live from West End, Sports Editor Bryce Smith and Deputy Sports Editor Aiden Rutman are joined by Deputy Sports Editor Frankie Sheehy to talk men’s and women’s hoops. The trio discusses the men’s most recent victory against No. 15 Arkansas, and what they need to do to replicate that success against No. 4 Alabama. They also discuss women’s basketball’s recent struggles during the opening portion of SEC play, and what they have to do to right the ship. Bryce also introduces two new segments. The first, ‘Anything but Vandy,’ holds true to its name: The hosts talk about whatever is on their minds, and this week features both NFL and English Premier League talk. The second, ‘Three Questions,’ has each host ask one question they have for the upcoming week of Vanderbilt Sports.

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