PODCAST: Vanderbilt Football Season Preview, Hawaii Thoughts

This week on Live From West End, sports editor Bryce Smith and deputy sports editor Andrew Wilf preview the Vanderbilt football season and the team’s upcoming matchup against Hawaii.


Alexa White

Live From West End is a weekly podcast presented by Hustler Sports. (Hustler Multimedia/Alexa White)

Bryce Smith, Aiden Rutman and Andrew Wilf

Editor’s note: Vanderbilt Athletics sponsored a trip to Hawaii for Deputy Sports Editor Andrew Wilf, granting him on-site access to the team’s day-to-day activities for journalistic purposes.

On Episode 1 of a new season of “Live From West End” (the podcast formerly known as Hustler Sports 30) Sports Editor and host Bryce Smith is joined by Sports Podcast producer Aiden Rutman and Deputy Sports Editor Andrew Wilf live from Hawaii to discuss a position-by-position breakdown of the 2022 Vanderbilt football team. At the end, the trio make their season and Week 0 predictions.

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