EDITOR’S MIX: Multimedia Director Hunter Long

As campus starts warming up, Multimedia Director Hunter Long shares some of his favorite songs with that spring time feeling.


Hunter Long

Multimedia Director Hunter Long standing in the snow (Hustler Multimedia/Hunter Long)

Hunter Long, Multimedia Director

It’s starting to finally get warmer around Nashville. The snow is gone, and you can actually walk around without a jacket or go and have a picnic with friends, or maybe do some spring cleaning? This playlist for all of those times and more.

Meant to be peppy and fun, this playlist has some oldies and some far-out picks, and some songs you may have never heard before. This is fundamentally a playlist of music that I like, and I hope you will too! So if you ever find yourself needing to do some spring cleaning or hang out with your friends outside, throw this on and see what you might discover.