EDITOR’S MIX: Life Editor Jorie Fawcett

Life Editor Jorie Fawcett shares her favorite songs to listen to while making the trek to the Peabody campus every day.


Alexa White

Graphic depicting Life Editor Jorie Fawcett along with a CD and the words “Editor’s Mix.” (Photo courtesy of Jorie Fawcett) (Hustler Multimedia/Alexa White)

Jorie Fawcett, Life Editor

A not-so-secret about myself is that I love the musical “Hamilton.” It was my most listened-to album on Spotify for both 2019 and 2020 and my best study source for the AP US History exam senior year. Before coming to college, music was a huge part of my life, but I didn’t really explore my interests outside of choir rehearsal and “Hamilton” streams. When I moved to Music City for college, I finally realized the magnitude of my music interests. 

True to Nashville style, Taylor Swift has been a constant for me, but there are several artists who have both entered and departed my rotation. Ben Platt was a good transition out of my “Hamilton” era, followed by Adele and Sam Smith. Overall, I love a song whose lyrics make me slow down and really listen to every word. Storytelling is a huge part of my life, so I am definitely always looking for that in my song selections. As I attempt to move away from the musical that won’t loosen its grip, Noah Kahan has recently taken over with his ability to effectively tell a story that many can relate to, with themes like love and loss. 

I also have to admit, I am very easily influenced by other people. Mention a song you like? I will listen to it 10 times. After I edit the latest album review from one of my staffers, I will probably add a few of the songs from it to my current playlist. Right now, my top genres are indie rock and literally every Taylor Swift song—a strong departure from my band and musical theater days.

This playlist in particular was curated for the multiple trips I make to and from the Peabody campus every day. As I watch the leaves change color, this playlist puts a little extra pep in my step and a smile on my face as my indie rock favorites, like Vista Kicks and Arctic Monkeys, sing to me while I contemplate upcoming assignments. 

Listen to it HERE!