IN PHOTOS: Hustler Pets 2023

It’s the furriest photo story of the year, and probably the cutest. Read on to meet The Hustler pets.


Rachael Perrotta

Phoebe and Max cuddling, as photographed on Nov. 20, 2021. (Hustler Staff/Rachael Perrotta)

Jorie Fawcett, Life Editor

As The Hustler editors study for exams and pack their dorms, their favorite furry friends anxiously await their arrival home for the summer. From rabbits to horses and so many dogs and cats, The Hustler is only a few animals short of our very own zoo. Read on to see our tribute to the friends that stick by our sides through late night editing and beyond. 

Hustler: Rachael Perrotta, Editor-in-Chief

Name of Pets: Phoebe and Max

Favorite Activity: Watching and talking to birds through windows

Fun Fact: Max has to be put to bed each night at 9 p.m. or he gets upset (routine includes belly rub on his blanket, fresh water and food and the door closed). Also, Phoebe likes sleeping on pillows.

One-liner; Max: “Please don’t pet me!” Phoebe: “Please pet me!”

Hustler: Aaditi Lele, News Editor 

Name of Pet: Gabru “Gubby”

Favorite Activity: Sleeping 

Fun Fact: His name means “dude.”

One-liner: “I challenge you to find someone who can sleep more than me.”

Hustler: Jorie Fawcett, Life Editor 

Name of Pets: Reese and Ramona 

Favorite Activity; Reese: Managing the house Ramona: Napping 

Fun Fact: Reese turns 14 this year, and Ramona is named after Ramona Quimby 

One-liner; Reese: “Can I speak to the manager?” Ramona: “Let me outside please”

Hustler: Barrie Barto, Photography Director 

Name of Pets: Camelot and Arlo 

Favorite Activity; Camelot: Wearing a “Hannibal-Lecter” mask so he doesn’t bite people. Arlo: Walking gradually slower the more you want to speed up and walking the slowest of any horse ever.

Fun Fact; Camelot: Is allergic to hay. Arlo: Loves eating Sour Patch Kids! 

One-liner; Camelot: “I am having an identity crisis: am I a great white shark or unicorn?” Arlo: “The 1,500lb dog you never knew you needed.”

Hustler: Parker Smith, Data Director 

Name of Pet: Julep

Favorite Activity: Fetch 

Fun Fact: Scared of cats

One-liner: “Cucumbers over kibble”

Hustler: Isabella Bautista, Deputy Life Editor 

Name of Pets: Luna, Leo, Sunny and Moe 

Favorite Activity: Climbing all over the couches in the living room like cats or playing tag with each other. 

Fun Fact: Leo snores as loud as a person when he sleeps. 

One-liner; Leo, Sunny and Moe: “Wait, why did you stop petting me?”

Luna: “Go away, and leave me alone.”

Hustler: Duaa Faquih, Deputy News Editor 

Name of Pet: Luna 

Favorite Activity: Waking the humans up at 3 a.m. 

Fun Fact: I once traveled with my mom on an 18-hour flight! 

One-liner: “Don’t touch me.”

Hustler: Sara West, Deputy Photography Director 

Name of Pet: Milo 

Favorite Activity: Finding any rubber band that exists and tearing it apart.

Fun Fact: We changed his name three times when we first adopted him.

One-liner: Please be quiet, I am working.

Hustler: Claire Gatlin, Music Correspondent

Name of Pets: Bear and Chewie 

Favorite Activity; Bear: sleeping; Chewie: fetching 

Fun Fact: Bear is slightly older than Chewie, so when Chewie was a puppy, he learned from Bear. He sometimes still jumps like a cat. 

One-liner; Chewie: “Where is mom?” Bear: (No words)