EDITOR’S MIX: Graphics Director Alexa White

Tune in to get hyped for warmer weather and getting outside.


Alexa White

Need some music to stay motivated? Check out Alexa’s spring playlist(s).

Alexa White, Graphics Director

When spring rolls around in VandyLand, I want nothing more than to run, hike, lift weights, go for long beach walks, bike and be outside. Each of these typically requires, of course, an individual playlist, detailed below. 

On the rare occasion that I go for a run (probably barely breathing), I need the loudest and most upbeat playlist ever to push myself to keep going. Lately, it’s 2010 hits that bring me back to my childhood.

When I hike, I love listening to the sounds of nature around me or talking with my hiking buddies. However, on the off chance that I put earbuds in and pretend that the threat of Bigfoot is not real, I’ll listen to some pop music and hike to the top. 

When I go to the gym I really love to listen to all-female rap music. I find it very empowering to be in the rec center surrounded by really strong women lifting while women rap about success. 

When I go for beach walks in the summer in Northern Michigan, I love to listen to the most joyful songs. Often that includes the indie-pop band Surfaces, one of my favorite bands of all time. 

In the summer, I usually have to take a short bike ride to work. On that ride, I usually listen to country music. (Because it is summer. And that is when it is acceptable to listen to country music). Otherwise, I find it hard to listen to people singing about the beach and bonfires and their trucks when I am freezing to death in Nashville winter. 

For my Editor’s Mix, I decided to make an all-encompassing movement playlist in honor of the warming temperatures in Nashville. I hope that this playlist will get you moving, whichever way you love to move. 

Listen to it HERE.