Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Matt’s Traditional American Values: On the “Alt-Right”

Why the violent acts in Charlottesville do not align with traditional conservative views

I Had a Revelation During the Eclipse

Some existential thoughts, new and old.

LI: A heart of hope

How one man taught me what it truly means to love the world

ROHLFING: How Vanderbilt gets away with paying some RAs $4.16 an...

Another point of weakness in Vanderbilt’s diversity and inclusion initiatives

PRIHODA: Decoding veganism

For some people who care about animals, why is vegetarian not enough?

MCKINLEY: Marketing baseball cards

Why Cosmopolitan wants to buy your browser history

SZCZESNIEWSKI: Getting wasted daily: Scrape Your Plate Day

Starting a conversation about student food waste

AZZARITO: Eating disorder recovery: a working relationship with food

Why awareness matters for learning how to eat and care for yourself

SZCZESNIEWSKI: On tolerating human rights violations

Why Wendy’s shouldn’t be on our meal money