Saturday, April 21, 2018

Don’t be afraid to decorate for the holidays too early

Decorations keep us aware of the bigger picture

Are we really that woke?

We need to consider economic policies when assessing candidates

The GOP tax plan does more damage than you think

Let your representatives know that their efforts to dupe you have failed

Caution: Construction of Rape Culture in Progress

Our default of doubting survivors is a huge part of the problem

Reconsidering our reactions to cases of sexual assault and harassment

Focusing on the individual perpetrators of sexual misconduct makes us lose sight of the big picture

In Defense of HOD

In an increasingly STEM-oriented campus, Human Organizational Development teaches students how to use their hard skills more effectively

On white people in diversity work

If you belong to a majority group, there are plenty of good and bad reasons to get involved in diversity work

Let’s be honest about why we’re here

We should value our education intrinsically

We don’t get to choose our fate

But we do get to choose how we live with it

A response to Rottman’s opposition to an openness about sex

Being open about sexual experiences does not contribute to rape culture