Monday, February 19, 2018

The problem with sugar culture

Rampant overconsumption of sugar leads to health problems, cognition problems, addiction

Openness about sex has gone too far

Publication of sexual experiences projects a bad image for Vanderbilt and perpetuates a dangerous sex culture

Your attention is a valuable currency. You ought to think about...

Social media now plays a massive role in our daily lives, yet most of us have not considered its potentially damaging effects on our attention

Every Vanderbilt student should take an intensive STEM class

The experience of these classes force you to acquire valuable learning skills

You should do something pointless this weekend

Trying to be efficient all the time can ruin your life

I’m a practicing Christian. Vanderbilt doesn’t discriminate against me.

Exploring what Christianity truly says sheds light on conversations around persecution and privilege

“Embedding” therapists around campus could improve accessibility to mental health resources

Placing counselors where students feel comfortable, such as coffee shops and residence halls, could destigmatize mental health care and encourage students to utilize the resources

Our campus culture towards Christianity is wrong

We must change our perspective on Christianity throughout our campus culture, institution and discourse

Finding the balance: how to improve Vanderbilt fundraising

Campus fundraising events need to balance entertainment and education

Vanderbilt needs to denounce Columbus Day

Vanderbilt turned cold shoulder to indigenous community by not implementing “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”