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THORNTON: Youngbloods need to step up as donors

THORNTON: Youngbloods need to step up as donors

Miquéla Thornton, Opinion Editor

September 30, 2019

Today, the American Red Cross held one of the most important types of donation drives on campus: a blood drive. Blood drives are important because, simply, they save lives. That alone should be reason enough to block off an hour of your day, but too often people only donate after high scale calamities l...

LUCAS: What the 2019 Hong Kong protests mean for American students

James Lucas

James Lucas, Senior Writer

September 23, 2019

In Hong Kong, the most recent bout of protests against the Beijing government has also been the longest-lasting: as of September 23, a significant portion of the city’s population has been in open revolt against the Special Administrative Region (SAR) government (and by extension the Chinese govern...

Letter to the Editor: What hinders Vanderbilt from becoming a world-class institution?

Kirkland Hall is home to Vanderbilt administration. (Former Hustler Multimedia/Emily Gonçalves)

Yalun Feng, Guest Writer

September 22, 2019

I didn’t know how to respond when I initially saw an article explode on Wechat, the most popular Chinese social media. It gathered thousands views and dozens of comments. The title? “What do we gain from Chinese espionage?” It was published on Vanderbilt Political Review, a student media platform at my alma mater. I asked myself many questions. Shall I remain silent just as I was taught in China? Or, shall I spe...

ROTTMAN: Free higher education fosters a healthy democracy

Kirkland Hall houses Vanderbilt administration. (Hustler Multimedia/Hunter Long)

Dominic Rottman

September 20, 2019

Though our nation is willing to spend $700 billion on a military budget and thought-out policy proposals such as Elizabeth Warren’s ultra-millionaire tax exist as potential plans for raising the government’s revenue, the primary question surrounding free college tuition in America seems to be: How...

STAFF EDITORIAL: The new tailgate rules are a detriment to inclusivity in Greek Life

The nearly-competed green space has replaced the roads that used to separate Greek houses. Photo by Mattigan Kelly // The Vanderbilt Hustler

Editorial Board

September 15, 2019

Tailgates will never look the same. Beginning this semester, the fraternity day parties are  subject to new restrictions. According to Kristen Torrey, Director of the Vanderbilt Office of Greek Life, all fraternities and OGL are compelled to enforce the North American Interfraternal Council’s recently adopted health and safety guidelines. Among these policies is the “three-to-...

ROSENBLUM: Nashville’s newly elected mayor will benefit Vanderbilt students’ quality of life

The US Supreme Court concluded that the dismantlement of DACA  was unconstitutional.

Jack Rosenblum, Deputy Opinion Editor

September 15, 2019

While most Vandy students love to take advantage of everything the city of Nashville has to offer, few are aware of the politics involved in making this city run and how the city’s leaders directly affect our students. Working in the background, politicians can make large impacts on our experience...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Vanderbilt students deserve a forward-thinking, responsive leader out of our new Chancellor

Chancellor Zeppos at Founder's Walk.

Editorial Board

September 9, 2019

Vanderbilt needs a new leader. Since April, when Chancellor Nicolas Zeppos announced that he would step down from his position, the university has been searching for a permanent replacement. The administration formally began this process just after Zeppos’s announcement, when the Board of Trust appointed a...

THORNTON: Is Vanderbilt the Harvard of the South or is Harvard the Vanderbilt of the North?

(Photo by Emily Gonçalves)

Miquéla Thornton, Opinion Editor

September 8, 2019

Harvard was the first school to initiate the worst nightmare of the modern-day high school junior: the SAT in 1934. These three simple letters that alone increase stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, low self-esteem and even cause students to lose eyelashes due to stress, according to a study by...

THORNTON: Composting is not the only way Vanderbilt should combat food waste

Kissam Munchie Mart.
Photo by Sophia She // The Vanderbilt Hustler

Miquéla Thornton, Opinion Editor

September 1, 2019

Editor's Note: After publishing this article, the editorial staff learned that Campus Dining has plans to implement a program to allow students to donate their sides at any point during the year. The program, constructed in partnership with VSG, will be rolled out by the end of this week, Campus Din...

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: I can’t wait to see The Hustler grow

Rachel Friedman, Editor-in-Chief of The Hustler. (Photo by Emily Gonçalves)

Rachel Friedman, Editor in Chief

August 18, 2019

Dear Commodores, My name is Rachel Friedman, and I am the Editor in Chief of The Hustler this academic year. Being the editor of a school newspaper has been an aspiration of mine since I was 16. My chances of accomplishing this goal weren’t looking good when I was not selected to be the head of ...

BUSSMANN: Open Letter to Seniors

BUSSMANN: Open Letter to Seniors

Alexa Bussmann

August 18, 2019

To my fellow seniors,  First, let’s take a moment. How are we seniors already?! Three years at Vanderbilt have flown by, and all of a sudden we only have nine months left at Vanderbilt. Let’s talk about those nine months. They will inevitably go by faster than we think, or want them to. And while the...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In response to Bauman, Never Again is now

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In response to Bauman, Never Again is now

Yonathan Reches

August 14, 2019

In a recent Hustler guest editorial, Mr. Jared Bauman asserted that the discourse surrounding the Never Again Action protest on Aug. 19 trivializes the pain of the Jewish people by equating two incomparable situations. As one of the protest’s leaders—and a descendent of victims and survivors of th...