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Hank Ingram House entrance

Temperature checks in Hank Ingram cause confusion among first-years, chalked up to miscommunication

Madeline King September 22, 2020
Woman seen in Hank lobby on Sept. 14, took temperature of both faculty and students.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Q&A: Dr. Kathryn Edwards provides The Hustler insight on coronavirus vaccine technology and distribution timelines

Ahmad Shiraz September 19, 2020
Edwards, professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt, talks about the progress made with coronavirus vaccines in light of her own research and political pressures for vaccine distribution.
Student Health Center

From Flulapalooza to Avoid the Flu at VU

Claire Cho September 19, 2020
The annual mass vaccination event by VUMC has switched to a long term campaign, offering influenza shots at the Student Health Center.
Blakemore House

An inside look at quarantine both on and off campus

Jessica M. Barker and Sophie Mize September 17, 2020
Delivered meals color quarantine on campus and university silence colors off-campus quarantine.
photo of a Vanderbilt dorm room

Commons sense of community faces new COVID-related challenges

Charlotte Mauger September 15, 2020
Faculty Heads of Houses work to foster a sense of community while working within the university’s COVID-19 guidelines.
sign reading testing center outside of the vanderbilt recreation center

The positives and the negatives: Results of mandatory pre-arrival, arrival and on-campus COVID-19 testing

Nathaniel Day, Copy Editor September 14, 2020
Vanderbilt’s approach to mass COVID-19 testing has not been without lost tests and inconclusive results, but low positivity rates from the first two weeks of on-campus testing are promising for the remainder of the semester.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center North

Official ORCHID trial results to be released shortly, will tell us effectivity of hydroxychloroquine in acute COVID-19 cases

Jazlyn Selvasingh September 13, 2020
Hydroxychloroquine is an effective therapy for a number of illnesses, and ORCHID looks to determine its safety and efficacy in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.
Nicholas S. Zeppos College Dining Hall

Work study during the pandemic: Campus Dining not hiring students, student reactions and more

Thomas Hum, News Copy Editor September 10, 2020
Campus Dining stated that their service model this semester “does not require the use of student employees.”
Vanderbilt has several walking paths that wind throughout the campus. (Hustler Multimedia/Alex Venero)

Symptom Assessment tool glitches, Vanderbilt helpline says problem is resolved

Immanual John Milton and Avery Muir September 9, 2020
Vanderbilt back to school helpline said weekly COVID-19 test results are delayed due to the Labor Day holiday.
Vandy Corona Police Instagram page. Screenshot by Eva Pace

Vandy Corona Police: a necessary agent or unreasonably cruel?

Amanda Bortner and Julia Tilton September 8, 2020
Students’ reactions to the private Instagram account featuring anonymous submissions of students violating social distancing protocols on Vanderbilt’s campus.
Gassenheimer practicing clarinet.

Updated safety protocols raise new challenges for wind and voice musicians

Jonathan Liu and Ahmad Shiraz September 7, 2020
New regulations in accordance with a recent aerosol study have been implemented to ensure the safety of students and staff.
Dining Tent, set up by Vanderbilt administration, on Alumni Lawn on Sept. 6, 2020. (Hustler Staff/Jessica Barker)

Dining tents remain underutilized despite university efforts

Riya Chinni and Matt Mangano September 6, 2020
Vanderbilt Campus Dining updates rules for students, though tents only see visitation numbers in the double digits each day.
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