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Federal coronavirus grant gives an additional $1,100 to ‘students most in need’

Eva Durchholz and Immanual John Milton April 16, 2020
Interim Chancellor Susan Wente announced the allocation of CARES Act funds to students on federal financial aid in a VSG Senate meeting on April 15.
Dr. William Schaffner (Photo courtesy Vanderbilt University)

Q&A: Doctor William Schaffner speaks to The Hustler about new COVID-19 developments

Immanual John Milton, Deputy News Editor April 13, 2020
Schaffner, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt Medical School, talks about returning to life as normal following COVID-19, research at VUMC and changing mask guidelines.
Vanderbilt’s campus from an aerial view.

How Vanderbilt’s COVID-19 response compares to other Top 20 institutions

Emma Mattson, Copy Editor April 13, 2020
While Vanderbilt’s grading and housing policies are fairly standard, its decision not to prorate refunds is unique among its peers.
Blakemore House (Photo by Hunter Long)

Students petition for room and board adjustments

Simon Gibbs, Deputy Sports Editor April 13, 2020
The petition – started by FirstVU and the Vanderbilt QuestBridge Chapter – urges the university to provide equal, full refunds to all students, regardless of financial aid
Left to right: Joshua Gafford, Andrew Tumen, Robert Webster and Matthew Bacchetta stand with their mechanism as its tested (Photo courtesy Matthew Bacchetta)

Vanderbilt doctors, engineers develop functional ventilator design to combat shortage

Simon Gibbs, Deputy Sports Editor April 11, 2020
Amidst ventilator shortages, their cheap, accessible ambu bag accessory started as a garage project. Two weeks later, it has yielded ‘something we could use on a patient today.’
The Vanderbilt Student Communications newsroom is located in the downstairs of Sarratt Center, near the Vanderbilt Recording Studio, VandyRadio and WRVU.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Vanderbilt, talk to us. Please.

Editorial Board April 11, 2020
Consistent disregard for transparency from the university’s administration is preventing us from doing our job as a student newspaper.
Vanderbilt University. (Photo courtesy Claire Barnett)

VUMC to use residence halls for medical staff housing

Immanual John Milton, Deputy News Editor April 7, 2020
Students on campus will be relocated, OHARE will assist in moving out students’ belongings.
Vanderbilts student center. (Hustler Multimedia)

Students slam new Vanderbilt summer transfer credit policy

Jessica M. Barker and Eva Durchholz April 6, 2020
Vanderbilt’s new summer transfer credit policy prohibits students from taking summer courses from other institutions if the class is offered at Vanderbilt.
Student starts petition to extend pass/fail deadline

Student starts petition to extend pass/fail deadline

Simon Gibbs, Deputy Sports Editor April 6, 2020
The petition, which asks Vanderbilt to extend the pass/fail deadline until after final exams, currently has 1,362 signatures
Vanderbilt will refund students up to $1,380 in housing costs

Vanderbilt will refund students up to $1,380 in housing costs

Eva Durchholz, News Editor April 5, 2020
The update available on the Coronavirus FAQ page also described dining adjustments of up to $677.
Vanderbilt has promised to pay university staff like normal for the remote work period. For student workers, however, the situation is more complicated.

RAs lose pay for April and May; staff and Work Study recipients maintain normal pay

Emma Mattson, Copy Editor March 29, 2020
Many student workers said they were given options to work remotely on special online projects. However, Resident Advisors are being denied the April stipend typically guaranteed by their contracts due to “reduced need,” a university spokesperson said.
Its important to get proper sleep and nutrition, which will help support your immune system and hopefully prevent you from contributing to the healthcare overload. (Photo courtesy Del Daylami)

Surviving Social Distancing: Let’s get physical(ly well)

Del Daylami , Columnist March 28, 2020
How to make caring for your body a priority during the coronavirus pandemic
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