IN PHOTOS: Fall and Winter Performance Recap 2022-23

The Hustler Photography section shares some of our favorite shots of the year so far from cultural and performing arts showcases.


Miguel Beristain

Double Major A Capella performs at Spotlight, captured on August 26, 2022 (Hustler Multimedia/Miguel Beristain)

Narenkumar Thirmiya, Deputy Photography Director

As we head into the spring, we can’t wait to see all the upcoming showcases and cultural events student groups on campus have in store, such as Carnival, Harambee and so much more. However, we also can’t help but think about all the amazing performances and showcases we’ve seen so far. The Hustler highlights some of our favorite shots from events of the past year. 

Many campus cultural organizations hosted their annual showcases throughout the year, displaying the diverse and creative talent our students have to offer. We’ve also seen some of our favorite campus performing arts groups take their skills to the stage. Here’s a recap of the showcases we’ve covered so far:


To kick off the new school year, the Vanderbilt Performing Arts Council held Spotlight in Langford Auditorium on Aug. 26 and 27, 2022. The showcase featured a variety of performances from various performing arts organizations around campus, including the Bhangradores, Lakshya, Vandy Ballroom, Melodores, Spectrum A Capella, Harmonic Notion and so many more.


South Asian Cultural Exchange threw its annual dance festival, Garba, on Sept. 24, 2022. The event saw performances from the South Asian dance groups Bhangradores and Lakshya. Participants danced to traditional Garba and Raas dances, as well as popular South Asian music, all night.

Café Con Leche

The Association of Latin American Students held Café con Leche on Oct. 22, 2022. The showcase spotlighted Latin American dances and cultures, such as Ballet Folklorico, Tango, Bachata and even Justin Colon, an opera singer. This year’s theme was based around “Amor y Muerte” (love and death), with the showcase taking place near the holiday Dia de los Muertos.

K-Pop for Dummies

VIVID held its fall showcase, “K-Pop for Dummies”, at Langford Auditorium on Nov. 5, 2022. As the title suggests, the showcase aimed to introduce its audience to popular South Korean music and culture. The performances included dances and choreography centered featuring some of K-Pop’s largest hits. 

The Dances of South Asia

SACE hosted its annual showcase, The Dances of South Asia, on Nov. 12, 2022. The showcase presented many South Asian cultural dances including Kuthu, Raas, Bengali Pop Folk and Bolly Kathak. This year’s theme centered around the 2000’s classic “Mean Girls” and even included a guest appearance from Rajiv Surendra, who played “Kevin G.” in that film.

Karma Sangam

Vandy Karma hosted Karma Sangam on Dec. 3, 2022. The event highlighted Hindu culture and tradition, featuring traditional Hindu dances and Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Carnatic music performances.

“9 to 5”

Vanderbilt Off-Broadway performed the musical “9 to 5” on Jan 20-21. Based on the popular Dolly Parton song “9 to 5”, this musical thrilled audiences with comedy and murderous twists.

VIBE: The Remix

VIBE presented its annual showcase, “VIBE: The Remix” at Langford Auditorium on Feb. 11, 2023. The show presented various hip-hop dances and remixes and incorporated a guest appearance from the comedy troupe Tongue ‘N Cheek.