Vanderbilt Programming Board hosts annual Student Spotlight

On Aug. 26 and 27, the Vanderbilt Programming Board held the annual student showcase, where performing arts groups presented their skills to students.


Eigen Escario

Double Major A Capella poses downstage at Spotlight, as photographed on Aug. 27. (Hustler Multimedia/Eigen Escario)

Subha Mostafiz

Vanderbilt Programming Board (VPB) hosted its annual student Spotlight on Aug. 26 and 27. The reception by the audience was strong, and the loud cheers and screams were enough to make the Langford Auditorium feel like a Nashville concert venue.

President Hershey Rajpal, a senior, and Vice President Angie Brinckerhoff, a junior, inaugurated the showcase with a brief introduction about the Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community (VPAC). Then, student-run musical theatre group, Vanderbilt Off-Broadway, performed. Their skillful, parodical performance of “Spelling Bee” unapologetically sang the fact, “Life is like a pandemonium!” and was an icebreaker for the night.

The following ethereal contemporary choreography by the Momentum Dance Company gave us thrills by unfolding their wings of a mix of ballet, modern, jazz and hip-hop movements.

Vanderbilt-based K-pop group VIVID performed with the most unexpected heart-thumping and chart-topping dance to “Fire” by BTS. Additionally, the show included outstanding performances from groups like Vanderbilt University Concert Choir, Spectrum A Capella, University Concert Band, Harmonic Notion and so many more. 

Vanderbilt Off-Broadway performs a song from “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” as photographed on Aug. 27.
Vanderbilt Off-Broadway performs a song from “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” as photographed on Aug. 27. (Hustler Multimedia/Narenkumar Thirmiya)
(Narenkumar Thirmiya)

The ballroom dancing group, Vandy Ballroom, showed their flawless interactions when two pairs of students flowed up and down the stage in the most professional (and sentimental) way possible.

A dominant red and black performance came from both the dance and music teams, Vibe and Vandy Swingin’ Dores, respectively.Though these two were completely separate, they gave off the same empowering women energy. 

The Original Cast portrayed the famous “Plastics” troupe from “Mean Girls: The Musical,” which filled the room with chuckles and relatable expressions. 

An uncanny scene was when the audience tapped their feet during the “Tap That” performance to the beat of “Rap God”Hats off to their mighty feet and muscles.

Mystical fairies seemed to enter Langford Auditorium when VUPointe Ballet came on the stage. Their tranquilizing performance appeased every spectator’s eye.

These were all songs, dances and plays. But what if I said we got the chance to witness some hilarity too? What if I told you that the stereotypically intellectual Vandy students became Eddie Murphy and Hasan Minhaj on stage? Tongue N Cheek, the student improv comedy group, had audience members holding their stomachs in extreme laughter. 

Students couldn’t close their dropped jaws after watching the intense hip-hop performance from Confidance. They couldn’t stop fangirling over the Melodores, who handled their concert like professionals. These standards must be what makes these two groups highly competitive to get into.

VPAC concluded the show by honoring the members and chairs who made this show happen so perfectly after two years without it due to COVID-19. They were the showstoppers indeed.

With all these enthralling and tempting performances, a loop-forming question remains in mind: Which one should I join?