IN PHOTOS: Cafuné dazzles and delights at The Basement East

The indie pop duo shines in their headlining debut in Nashville.


Narenkumar Thirmiya

Both members of Cafuné come together, as photographed on March 21, 2023. (Hustler Multimedia/Narenkumar Thirmiya)

Narenkumar Thirmiya, Deputy Photography Director

Despite living in Music City for almost three years, I had never ventured off campus to attend a concert. That changed on March 21 when I saw Cafuné perform at The Basement East. It was the last week of their tour, but the first time they had headlined in Nashville. Cafuné was formed nearly a decade ago at New York University by Noah Yoo and Sedona Schat, and the indie pop duo has been consistently elevating their craft ever since.

The night started off with the opener Bathe, another duo hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Singer Devin Hobdy and guitarist Corey Smith-West captured the crowd’s attention with serene slow jams such as “Pull Up” and “Sundress”.

Cafuné arrived on stage shortly thereafter, beginning with the exhilarating songs “Least Coast” and “Reconsider.” As the duo basked under the blue and violet fluorescent lights, their electrifying guitars reverberated through the audience. The pair then played “High,” mesmerizing the audience as the bold belt from Schat came to a halt at the end of the song.

As the concert went on, Cafuné dabbled in an eclectic mix of musical styles ranging from indie rock to electropop. The duo played numerous songs from their latest album Running, such as “Everybody Knows” and “Empty Tricks.” They also performed their recent single “Perspective” as the crowd enthusiastically cheered them on.

The most memorable hit of the night was the popular TikTok hit “Tek It.” During this song, audience members gathered in a pit in the middle of the venue, dancing and screaming the familiar lyrics.

After a thrilling show, Cafuné came back for an encore as the audience demanded more. The pair ended the night with two more songs — “Want Me Out“ and “Letting Go.” Yoo took a selfie of the crowd at the very end, capping off a memorable and energetic night. While I was excited to see the duo perform, I did not anticipate how lively and captivating they would be on the stage. For my first concert in Nashville, it certainly did not disappoint.