EDITOR’S MIX: is back, with Music Correspondent Sophie Edelman

Tune in for some suggestions for relaxing midterm tunes.


Sophie Edelman

Join Music Correspondent Sophie Edelman for our latest editor’s mix, just in time for midterms.

Sophie Edelman, Music Correspondent

I have a very embarrassing secret to reveal. Even as a self-proclaimed music nerd (having played piano since I could speak words, interviewing artists and venues across Nashville, working to edit Hustler Life music stories), I hate making playlists.

I know—it’s shocking. It’s a secret I tend to keep under wraps until I get the dreaded remark: “let’s swap playlists!” I have been told the way I approach listening to music is chaotic. It goes as follows—I find one song I really want to listen to on Spotify, go to the “Radio” option, and let chaos ensue.

Personally, I cannot defend my non-desire to make playlists any more than with this one statement: I thrive in this chaos. I love Spotify suggestions—nine times out of ten I discover new music, artists I haven’t heard of and the perfect follow-up tracks and crossfade moments to my favorite songs. I have an unwavering trust in the suggestions of Spotify “Mixes” and “Discover Weekly,” allowing them to determine my listening habits of the week.

Therefore, being tasked with creating an Editor’s Mix playlist was more difficult for me than I’d like to admit. The basis for the inspiration behind the set of tracks I decided on was “uuu” by Field Medic. I came across this track last year listening to Spotify’s “Folk and Acoustic Mix,” and the sweet soulful voice Medic handles skillfully has helped to calm me down in times of midterm (and just general life) stress many a time.

From this track, I dived deep into an early 2010’s folk and indie hole, attempting to create a relaxing “midterm” playlist (to quote my favorite yak as of late, “are they really midterms if they’re happening every week of the semester??”). This playlist can work for anyone, from listeners studying Orgo terms to those writing lengthy papers—or those attempting to create their fourth playlist. Ever. Click here and enjoy!