PODCAST: Elon Thoughts, Wake Forest Preview with Justin Hershey, plus Soccer 5-0 start

This week on Live from West End, former Sports Editor Justin Hershey joins to talk football with Sports Editor Bryce Smith and Deputy Sports Editor Anish Mago. The crew also discusses soccer’s red-hot start.


Alexa White

Live From West End is a weekly podcast presented by Hustler Sports. (Hustler Multimedia/Alexa White)

Aiden Rutman, Bryce Smith and Anish Mago

In Episode 3 of “Live From West End”, Sports Editor and host Bryce Smith is joined by former Sports Editor Justin Hershey, Deputy Sports editor Anish Mago and Sports Podcast Producer Aiden Rutman to discuss football’s 2-0 start and preview their Week 2 matchup against Wake Forrest. The team also covers soccer’s win against Eastern Tennessee State.

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