Claire & Joe: Matryoshka Coffee

Named after the Russian stacking dolls, this colorful spot is a cute new addition to South Nashville.


Claire Gatlin

The decor at Matryoshka Coffee is bright and colorful. (Photo/Claire Gatlin) (Graphic/Emery Little and Alexa White)

Claire Gatlin, Staff Writer

When I saw colorful TikTok videos describing Matryoshka Coffee, a new spot in Nashville, I immediately texted my roommate Gabbie, “WE HAVE TO GO!” On a sunny Friday morning, we made our way over to the Southside of Nashville to see if this place was really as good as it looked. 

And let me just say: it was.

Matryoshka Coffee opened December 2021, nestled inside the building of its sister company, Technico, a specialty coffee and espresso service company that has been in Nash since 2015. This concept of placing the coffee shop within the confines of another company is what inspired the name Matryoshka, referring to the Russian stacking dolls

Fun decor at Matryoshka Coffee
Whimsical decor lines the walls of Matryoshka Coffee. (Hustler Staff/Claire Gatlin) (Claire Gatlin)

The coffee shop itself is brightly colored, serving vibrantly-hued breakfast cereals and pastries alongside specialty coffee drinks, which are often topped with confetti and sprinkles. According to Matryoshka’s website, the coffee shop’s owner, Abbey Chiavario, wants to show that high-quality, specialty coffee can still be colorful and fun. Personally, I love the idea of adding a bit of color to the usual brown coffee world—it doesn’t have to be all Americanos and pour-overs. 

When Gabbie and I arrived, I was immediately impressed by the atmosphere: there were dogs playing outside and people enjoying the nice day with their brightly confetti’d lattes. Basically, the opposite of the atmosphere in say, Suzie’s at MRB III. The shop was open-air with artfully painted walls, whimsical decor and conversation hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Gabbie ordered the “kiss me”—a specialty Valentine’s Day drink—which is an iced mocha with pink cold foam, strawberry dust and glitter. The drink was created as part of a Valentine’s Day conversation heart-themed collab with a dozen other coffee shops around Nashville, dreamed up by Chiavario. These limited-edition drinks are available through Saturday, Feb. 19, perfect for a cute coffee date with your Valentine.

Brightly-colored drinks at Matryoskha Coffee
We loved the “kiss me” and “Confetti Cuban” drinks. (Hustler Staff/Claire Gatlin) (Claire Gatlin)

“This sweet and refreshing specialty latte was perfect for Valentine’s Day. Personally, my favorite part was the tasty pink strawberry powder,” sophomore Gabbie Ayad said. 

I ordered the Confetti Cuban, made up of sweetened condensed milk, vanilla bean, steam milk, espresso and confetti sprinkles. It was smooth, delicious and sweet—the perfect pick-me-up during a day full of studying. The confetti on top proved not only great for a cute photo but also added a fun crunch to the drink. 

Whether you’re looking for a whimsical Instagram story, a welcoming atmosphere or an inventive caffeinated beverage, Matryoshka has a lot to offer. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the trek to South Nashville.

Score: 5 out of 5 cups