Frothy Monkey wins the Nashville Scene’s ‘Best Coffeehouse’ Award

A dive into what exactly makes Frothy Monkey the “Best Coffeehouse” in Nashville.

Light streams into the Frothy Monkey locations in The Nations

Claire Gatlin

Light streams into the Frothy Monkey locations in The Nations. (Claire Gatlin/Hustler Staff)

Claire Gatlin, Staff Writer

The Nashville Scene, an alternative weekly newspaper focusing on art, culture and events in Nashville, releases an annual “Best of Nashville” issue each October, granting awards to businesses, people and places across many different subjects. 

There are awards for the more eccentric “Writers’ Choice” category, featuring awards like  “Best Place to Have Lunch With Your Opinionated Foodie Co-Workers” (Assembly Food Hall), “Best New High-Rise” (The Collegiate Gothic Tower on Vanderbilt’s Campus), “Best Bagel (Weekdays)” (H&S Bagel) and “Best Bagel (Weekends)” (Nicky’s Coal Fired).

The “Readers’ Poll” category awards recipients based on votes, including awards like “Best College Sports Team” (Vanderbilt Baseball), “Best Ice Cream” (Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams) and “Best Religious Leader” (Soccer Moses). This year—and in many years past—Frothy Monkey was deemed “Best Coffeehouse” by the readers, followed by Crema Coffee Roasters and Humphreys Street. 

To celebrate, Frothy Monkey popped champagne on their Instagram. In a statement to The Hustler, the coffee shop expressed their gratitude for the award and for their community.

“We are humbled and honored to have been voted Best Coffeehouse for the eighth time since 2013. Although we have grown to be much more than a typical coffeehouse, the warmth and approachability of coffee and coffee culture are always at the core of what we do,” Frothy Monkey said. “It really is our people who make us the best! Our mantra is ‘Take care of each other.’ When you are taking care of your team and your work family as well as taking care of our guests, they take care of us as well. We have felt that more than ever in the past 18 months.”

Frothy Monkey is a favorite among Nashville locals and tourists alike, and you are sure to find it packed any day of the week full of students studying, creatives working and people chatting. (It is rumored that Harry Styles has visited the place, and if that is not enough of an enticement for you, I don’t know what is.) The coffee shop has six locations, including the original 12South location, Downtown Nashville, The Nations, East Nashville, Franklin and Chattanooga Southside. Each location has its own distinct charm while still providing Frothy Monkey’s classic charm, warmth and comfort. 

Aside from a welcoming atmosphere, Frothy Monkey also offers a vast menu, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, alongside countless coffee options. Some of my favorite items are their Rosemary Honey Latte and California breakfast platter, and they even have rotating seasonal beverages to enjoy. Right now, coffee lovers can sample the Hansel & Gretel and Bourbon Butterscotch drinks, or try the Apple Orchata for a caffeine-free treat. 

This welcoming atmosphere and enticing menu earned Frothy Monkey several other awards and recognitions including Nashville Livestyle’s Best Coffee Shop award and a place on USA Today’s list of the 10 best “iced coffee drinks for an afternoon pickup.” While this is not Frothy Monkey’s first award and it certainly will not be its last, this gesture proves that Frothy Monkey is a beloved staple for many of the people who call Nashville home. Time to go grab another latte!