Division heads announced for next academic year

With the addition of two new divisions this year, Vanderbilt Student Media is celebrating the end of the year with annual student media awards and the announcement of next year’s student media leaders.


Emily Gonçalves

The Vanderbilt Student Communications newsroom is located in the downstairs of Sarratt Center, near the Vanderbilt Recording Studio, VandyRadio and WRVU.

Hustler Staff

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC) has announced the recipients of its annual awards and picked the division heads for next year, including two new divisions. The Student Media Marketing Group was launched last year and and Vanderbilt Lives was created this year as an effort to annually publish a volume of creative nonfiction essays.

2020-2021 VSC Division Leaders

2019-20 VSC Awards

Alexander Award for Distinctive Journalism

Eva Durchholz and Rachel Friedman

Skip Bayless Award for Excellence in Sports Journalism

Max Schneider

The WRVU Award for Dedication to Excellence in Radio

Julia Schmitt

The Jim Leeson Prize for Journalistic Fairness

Eva Durchholz

Stephen A. Caldwell Leadership Award

Ayden Eilmus

Student Media Most Valuable Player Award

Simon Gibbs

Student Media Innovator Award

Alexa Bussman, Emery Little, and Zoe Rankin

Student Media Rookie of the Year Award

Jessica Barker and Lauren Parker

Vanderbilt Student Communications Honor

Chioma Chukwuma, Madison Hitchcock, and Miquéla Thornton