CAAN to celebrate Moon Festival with dim-sum dinner service at Lucky Bamboo Sept. 15

Guests can expect 15 varieties of dim sum, tasty desserts, as well as other activities at Lucky Bamboo in an effort by the CAAN to commemorate the East Asian Moon Festival


Evan Monk

The Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville (CAAN), a local non-profit, is hosting a special event complete with dim sum, moon cakes and games at Lucky Bamboo China Bistro Sept. 15. in  celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival. 

Program director Jen-Jen Lin describes this event as “an evening of education,” as patrons will partake in riddle games about the legend of the Moon Festival. By having guests participate in these games, the hosts hope to push them out of their comfort zones and facilitate a competitive, team-building environment. 

In describing the meaning of this event, Lin shared how important it was for her to create a friendly and open environment; purposefully seating eight at a table, sometimes complete strangers. In this way, Lin hopes to foster new connections on an evening of celebration and tradition. She also wants to introduce Chinese food and culture into the community.

As someone enjoying the Moon Festival away from her family, Lin shared that this event, in its fourth year, is a time to find a home away from home and enjoy the company of an “extensive family.”

The venue hosting the festivities, Lucky Bamboo, is familiar business partner of CAAN as the two work together in events throughout the year. The relationship between the two has mutual benefits as Lucky Bamboo sorts out pricing and catering while CAAN brings big groups of clients who have a possible incentive to return. 

CAAN’s initiative extends to the wider Nashville community, Vanderbilt included. Emphasizing inclusivity and cultural insight, this event (as well as most others hosted by the organization) are open to the public; no matter your familiarity to East Asian heritage or traditions. 

The event is being held this Sunday, Sept. 15, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale through Eventbrite at $55 per person or $360 for a table of eight. If you can’t make it, CAAN will be hosting similar events throughout the year for other holidays, including Chinese New Year. Updates can be found on the CAAN website.