Shots fired near Student Life Center

Shots were fired after a fight broke out at an event being held in the center

Sarah Friedman, Senior Writer

Students received a text message and email alert at in the early morning hours of March 24 that there were shots fired on campus near the Student Life Center.

“ALERT! Shots fired has been reported on the Vanderbilt Student Life Center at 310 25th Ave S. Shelter in place! Police are on the scene,” the 1:22 a.m. alert message read. Students who did not immediately confirm receipt of the message also received an automated phone call about the shooting, per AlertVU policy.

The shots did not cause any injuries, according to Vanderbilt’s official statement on the incident.

“Police are investigating a report of shots fired near the Student Life Center on campus,” the statement reads. “No gunshot injuries were reported. The suspects immediately fled the scene.”

The shots followed a fight that broke out at a registered event in the Student Life Center, a VUPD spokesperson said. VUPD officers overseeing the registered event responded immediately and called for assistance. Metro police officers responded as well, and all officers on the scene are attempting to clear the area.

“We did have a fight break out over there and we did have some shots fired over there,” the spokesperson said. “There was a party going on and at that party we had a fight that broke out. That is what we are dealing with right now.”

At 1:40 a.m., students received a second message saying that police had secured the scene, and a final update 1:55 a.m. stating that the suspects reportedly left the scene.

“Suspects reportedly left the area in a vehicle,” the message said. “Officers are continuing to investigate. There is no ongoing threat.”

The Vanderbilt and Tennessee State chapters of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. were hosting a Pajama Jam event in the SLC ballroom from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., according to Anchorlink and a Facebook event.

“Come out to one of the most anticipated parties of the year hosted by the boys in blue: The 4th Annual Pajama Jam at the Vanderbilt Student Life Center,” the Anchorlink description reads.

There were a few campus events happening on nearby Greek Row at the time of the incident, with Sigma Chi hosting a Derby Days party and Association for Latin American Students holding the Café con Leche After Party at the 210 house.

“Please shelter in place. Do not leave. We will keep you updated on the situation,” Sigma Chi posted on their Derby Days event page on Facebook.

The post has since been taken down. VUPD has not confirmed whether officers were called to monitor the events.