Caviar & Bananas re-opens in Midtown

Caviar & Bananas re-opens in Midtown

Corinne Fombelle, Assistant Life Editor

After their June 2018 closing, Caviar & Bananas officially re-opened on Nov. 6. The shop offers counter service made-to-order sandwiches and salads as well as fancier packaged foods. It originated in Charleston, South Carolina and currently has five locations.

Located in the same complex as the Aertson Midtown apartments, the Nashville location of Caviar & Bananas closed after only one year due to slow business. In their re-opening, they will continue to offer their varied and classy selection of eats and treats.

With an espresso and tea bar brewing Frothy Monkey coffee, craft beer and wine, signature sandwiches like the French dip or caprese, create-your-own sandwiches and a plethora of baked goods and other desserts, the market and café has an offering for everyone.

The gourmet eatery is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Follow their Instagram for updates.

Picture from Caviar & Bananas Nashville’s Instagram.