Forgotten dorm room essentials


Avery Muir, Life Editor

Whether this is your first time living in a college dorm or last, figuring out the logistics of moving into a room is always exhausting and always seems to get lost in all of the back-to-school excitement. By the time you’re living in your new room, you very well might be looking at a doorless closet, with nowhere to sit besides a standard-issue desk chair because you realized that futon from last year just won’t fit. Here are five things that may be low on your list of dorm essentials, but will make your life easier as the year goes on.

A DIY closet door
While a closet door may not seem like a necessity, it’s nice to be able to immediately declutter your life by closing a curtain. Having a light colored curtain can make even the smallest of rooms feel a little bigger and brighter. Target and Bed Bath & Beyond both have inexpensive options for window or shower curtains and spring loaded curtain rods that make installment easy.

Storage ottomans
Though a storage ottoman is literally just a cube you can put stuff in, it’s a triple threat. You can of course use it for storage, but also as additional seating and as a step stool to make it up to a lofted bed. When places like Walmart offer ottomans for just over $15, why not?

Posters are small pieces that make a big impact and fill a lot of wall space with personality. Maybe you still have your favorites from your room at home or last year’s dorm room, but as your style changes (or things get lost in the move) it may be time for an upgrade. If so, websites like Redbubble and Society6 have plenty of well-priced options.

Cleaning Supplies
A vacuum or Swiffer, duster, cleaning wipes, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner and possibly an air freshener are all important supplies, and are very necessary to keep a room clean as the year goes on.

Folding chairs
If you want more seating in your room but don’t want to give up any floor space, try a folding chair. There are plenty of cute options that have padded seats, or you could opt for the classic lawn chair. Either way, folding chairs can be stashed in a closet until you need them which is a major feature in a cramped room.