The 7 types of Halloween costumes you’ll see this weekend


Sarah Saxton Strassberg

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisp, the leaves are hues of reds and oranges, jack-o’-lanterns grace the mantles and staircases of dorms and Vanderbilt students are in epic costumes. There is no single feature that makes a costume a huge hit, but this style guide will provide tips to wow the crowds on Halloween night and the weekend before. Here are the seven types of the classic and trendy costumes that you’ll see around October 31. All images were drawn by the author.

  1. The Classic

An umbrella name that describes the oldest and most traditional costumes: witches, vampires, ghosts, Frankensteins and the ilk. No one can go wrong with this idea. It’s a safe bet that will surely reap lots of compliments.

2. Couple Goals

We all know that one couple who comes up with the best Halloween costume ideas every single year. Whether they’re Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Mario Brothers or an offbeat Bob Ross and Bob Ross Painting, they always dress to impress. The Couple Goals can also apply to BFFs, of course.

3. Disney Prince/Princess

An easily recognizable crowd-pleaser. You can make this costume basic or creative, depending on the amount of brainpower you put in. To spice things up, consider combining this costume with the Pun (think “Taco Belle” or “Moo-lan”) or the Classic (zombie Cinderella, were-frog Tiana or vampire Snow White).

4. The Pun

This get-up is either the best or worst costume of the night, depending on the crowd. It can range from clearly last-minute planning to incredibly clever. “Formal Apology” is the Pun shown.

5. The Bro

This costume always has to do with macho sports, movies and/or video games. It can range from slightly nerdy to extremely cool. The Bro will always be down for late-night Halloween parties and pranks on unsuspecting neighbors.

6. The One Who Tried Too Hard

Some people love Halloween, and some people live for Halloween. These are the people who start planning their costumes on Nov. 1st…of the previous year.

7. The One Who Didn’t Try Hard Enough

These flops can be twins who go “as each other,” feather boas and horse heads bought from the dollar store or vaguely costume-esque T-shirts. These are all the tell-tale signs of someone who just didn’t love Halloween enough. These are the people who start planning their costumes on Nov. 1st…of this year.