De-stress This Week: Your Guide to Relaxation


Allison Boyce, Social Media Director

We all have some grueling days ahead of us, whether it be last-minute tests and papers due or getting everything packed and ready for Thanksgiving break.  You may even have a stressful week of assignments waiting for you when you return from break.  Here is your guide to de-stressing over the next few days as you ease your way into this Thanksgiving holiday.

1. This week is International Education Week, and there are multiple exciting events happening over the course of the week: On Wednesday in the SLC from 6-7:30 pm,  there will be a session called “Let’s Talk Health and Wellness” that will discuss ways to stay healthy on campus and how to practice healthy behavior, and later Simha will be playing in Sarratt Cinema at 7:30 pm.  On Thursday, you can even get your passport renewed or apply for a passport in fifteen minutes in Sarratt from 9-3.   

2. If you’re a freshman, be sure to hit up all of the House food events throughout the week for a nice snack and study break:
-Gillette Gelato at 9:00 pm on Wednesday
-Murray Munchies at 9 pm on Wednesday
-Stambaugh Soiree at 9 pm on Wednesday
-Northern Exposure at 8 pm on Thursday
-West Wing from 7-10 pm on Friday

3. Check out the Student Wellness Center for a plethora of ways to relax.  You can schedule an appointment for a massage, go for a group walk on Walking Wednesdays, or attend a yoga or meditation class.

4. The Rec Center hosts a multitude of group fitness classes every day of the week.  Check online for a schedule of this week’s classes, including zumba, indoor cycling, yoga, cardio strength, core fusion, and barre.

5. If you are feeling incredibly overwhelmed with work and want someone to talk to about coping with stress, the PCC is a great resource.  You can schedule an individual session, attend a group session, or attend a workshop.  Check the PCC website for times and descriptions of workshops and group sessions.  

6. The Career Center is hosting an event called “Discovering Yourself and Developing Your Vision” this Friday from 4:00-5:30 pm.  While this may seem counterintuitive to de-stressing (thinking about your future career can be pretty terrifying), the Career Center has created an event that will actually help you to feel more in control and less anxious about your future through workshops that will help you explore your options and learn about the different campus resources available to you in the future.  Plus, rumor has it there will be free food.

7. In addition to these campus events and resources, there are other fun ways to relax on your own on campus or off campus this week.  Throw a frisbee on Commons, move the studying from the library to Peabody lawn to enjoy some fresh air, or go for a group run through Centennial Park with some friends.  Fido and Frothy Monkey are two great coffee shops that are prime for studying and snacking.    

Always remember to treat yourself well this week and the weeks to follow by staying mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy in the midst of stress.