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signage outside of COVID-19 testing center

Recreation & Wellness Center continues to offer outdoor group fitness classes

October 24, 2020

Students have ventured off campus to access indoor workout equipment in a move that concerns some members of the Vanderbilt community.

A student studies remotely

Student-started petition calling for mental health day gains traction

October 11, 2020

The lack of a fall break leads over 1,500 students to sign a petition calling for a mental health day.

Boredom is a necessity that the pandemic has given to us. (Hustler Communications/Emery Little)

FLOYD: It’s not all bad…

October 9, 2020

Rather than drowning ourselves in thoughts of all that COVID-19 has taken from us, a time to reflect is important in order to consider what it has given as well.

Vanderbilt's COVID-19 dashboard rating

Comparing Vanderbilt’s COVID-19 dashboard to peer universities

October 9, 2020

While most schools publish COVID-19 testing results publicly for the sake of transparency, there are differences between institutions in the kind of data they choose to include or omit.

Student Health Center

A look into Vanderbilt’s COVID-19 dashboard

October 7, 2020

The dashboard is a tool that the school uses to keep the Vanderbilt community informed of the trend of positive cases on-campus.

Student studying on bench

International students face difficulties in securing asynchronous accommodations

October 6, 2020

Some international students find themselves unable to obtain desired accommodations from professors, specifically in the math department.

signage outside of COVID-19 testing center

False positive Vault results erroneously send five students into isolation, others into quarantine

October 4, 2020

Multiple Vanderbilt students mistakenly placed into isolation or quarantine after a miscommunication with Vault lead to false positive test results.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center North

WANG: Stop overtrusting the news

October 4, 2020

America needs to realize that journalists are not scientists, and news articles are not scientific journals.

Eskind Biomedical Library

How undergraduate research labs have made the transition to virtual research

September 29, 2020

In compliance with both Vanderbilt and VUMC safety protocol, research labs across campus have been adapting to new guidelines, providing a different environment for undergraduate students working on research.

VandyRide is Vanderbilt’s on-campus busing system. (Hustler Multimedia/Josh Rehders)

HUSSAIN: We can do better, VandyRide

September 27, 2020

VandyRide hours have been severely cut in the name of COVID-19 safety. But does it really keep us safe? Or does it cause more problems?

Student Life Center

Immersion Vanderbilt no longer a graduation requirement for Class of 2022

September 27, 2020

Juniors are “highly recommended but not required” to complete their projects; submission deadline delayed to November 2020.

Commons Center is traditionally the hub of first-year students on Vanderbilt's campus.  (Hustler Multimedia/Chloe Postlewaite)

ABEL: Don’t cancel me for this

September 24, 2020

“Cancel culture” is not activism; when you silence debate on campus, you lose the ability to engage in conversations.