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HONG: Breaking the glass display of the international experience

HONG: Breaking the glass display of the international experience

Justine Hong

October 17, 2016

Arrival is turbulent. The shaky plane speeds across the rough concrete before gradually decelerating. Initially tense, my nerves slowly resettle. Through the tiny rectangular windows, a warm stream of early morning sunlight reveals wide green hills and the clear sky. The air is fresh and free of smog. ...

Another year, another Most Outstanding White Senior

Photo courtesy of Thomas Shannan

Thomas Shannan

October 12, 2016

In 2004, Vanderbilt made national news when a gay student, a male senior, ran for Homecoming queen. In 2005, the university discontinued the tradition of Mr. and Ms. Vanderbilt in an attempt to move away from the gendered popularity contest toward a more egalitarian recognition of student excellence...

WHEAT: I’m Asian, I don’t use the n-word and neither should you

Photo by Ziyi Liu

Tam Wheat

October 10, 2016

I am a Vietnamese American first-year student at Vanderbilt University who, candidly, has had enough with the slipshod utterances that manage to escape the mouths of my fellow non-Black peers. “I’m from Thailand. I can say n****r. Blacks don’t have beef with me —” and so the conversation goes. T...

ROTTMAN: When some beliefs are better

Dominic Rottman, Staff Columnist

Dominic Rottman

October 3, 2016

Let’s begin with a simple thought experiment. Adam believes that no beliefs are better than others, while Sally believes that some beliefs are better than others. With whom do you agree? If you agree with Sally, you believe that some beliefs are better than others. If you agree with Adam, you ...

HINSON: Counting your spoons with an invisible illness

HINSON: Counting your spoons with an invisible illness

Lizzie Hinson

September 26, 2016

There’s a great article on the internet about this thing called Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino. Now imagine you were handed a fistful of spoons. Each spoon represents a decision to spend energy on something. While most people have unlimited spoons to use throughout the day, you’ve only bee...

KOEPP: Learning humility in and out of the classroom

KOEPP: Learning humility in and out of the classroom

Charles Koepp

September 19, 2016

I can still remember my first visit to Vanderbilt after being accepted quite vividly. As part of a weekend-long open house for prospective students, I, along with my dad, made the nine-hour haul from Milwaukee to Nashville with the aim of more fully investigating the place I would call home for the next ...

BRADSHAW: Kissam — too big to succeed

Meredith Bradshaw, Guest Columnist

Kathy Yuan

September 15, 2016

I had no idea how miserable I was in Kissam until I lived in Towers. I spent a year and a half in Warren — in a double during its pilot year and then in a suite upon returning from a semester abroad. I want to be as fair as possible in my analysis of College Halls. I know Vanderbilt had grand plans for...

SCHMIDT: Forgetting the freshman 15

SCHMIDT: Forgetting the freshman 15

Josh Hamburger

September 5, 2016

I wake up 20 minutes before I have to leave for class, showering so frantically that I almost forget my shower shoes (a cardinal sin when you’re talking Gillette bathrooms). On my way out of my room, I stick a green apple into the side pocket of my backpack. Just in case. By the end of my second lecture,...

HOFFMAN: To Vanderbilt, from the transfers

Madeline Hoffman is a junior in the College of Arts and Science. She can be reached at

Josh Hamburger

August 29, 2016

If you're feeling anything like I am, then you're incredibly excited to be back with your people, sharing stories about the summer and pretending that two weeks into class, your professors won't be giving what they’re somehow already calling midterms. However, a year ago, I wasn’t excited — I...

OP LI: Convey the truth about your Vanderbilt experience

OP LI: Convey the truth about your Vanderbilt experience

Josh Hamburger

April 29, 2016

For current high school seniors, the journey through the college application process and all of its crazy, stressful, and exciting twists and turns is finally over. Most, if not all colleges have released their decisions by now, meaning that only one decision remains: choosing where to spend the next fou...

SNIDER: Focus on leaving behind your message, not your name

SNIDER: Focus on leaving behind your message, not your name

Josh Hamburger

April 28, 2016

The class of 2016 has its collective tunnel vision locked on a device that is somewhere between a doomsday clock and the countdown to a wedding. As I look at this countdown, I will swing from agony to elated anticipation. I am excited as I consider life beyond commencement: a new city, new experiences...

GUEST: An open challenge to admit your failures

(John Russell)

Sarah Friedman, Senior Writer

April 1, 2015

The problem on our campus is that everyone here is just too wonderful. The fact is, there is someone here who is better than you at everything, and without effort. And while they’re being better than you, they’re also double majoring in chemical and biomedical engineering, studying abroad and simultaneously...