Letter From The Editor: 2020.

We want and need you, the Vanderbilt community, to continue to help us keep everyone informed.


Emily Gonçalves

Aerial shot of Kirkland hall with trees. (Hustler Multimedia/Emily Gonçalves)

Immanual John Milton, Editor in Chief

Dear Vanderbilt,

Life can change so quickly, so drastically. Two years ago, I was a freshman at the Carlson School of Management within the University of Minnesota. This upcoming academic year, I am honored to serve as The Vanderbilt Hustler’s Editor in Chief. 

The world can change so quickly, so drastically. The fight for racial justice rages on, and the COVID-19 global health crisis has shown no signs of stopping. This year already has been and will continue to be difficult.

As a student organization leader, COVID-19 restrictions are suffocating us. Students already feel disconnected from Vanderbilt, its student organizations and our friends.

Looking for social connection, there still only seems to be conflict. The Abolish Greek Life (AGL) movement is still fighting to abolish greek life. Students who are acting responsibly, scared of getting COVID-19 or being sent home, are ready to report those who aren’t.

Through all this turmoil, I’ve learned a couple of things about empathy. Most importantly, to lean on and support your community. Even though it’s cliche, it seems to apply a lot more this year. 

Immanual John Milton. Headshot taken in 2019. (Emily Gonçalves)

Applying that to my new responsibility, I will do my best to continue to build that community within The Hustler and do my part to repair that community within our school.

To everyone who’s been on this journey with me, from last year’s Editor in Chief Rachel Friedman and News Editor Eva Durchholz to Multimedia Director Emily Gonçalves and my fellow deputy news editor Jessica Barker (now this year’s News Editor!)—I humbly thank you for making that community for me on Hustler. I won’t let you down.

To all the editors I’ve closely worked with this summer, from Jessica (again!) and Sports Editor Simon Gibbs to Managing Editor Avery Muir and Opinion Editor Miquéla Thornton, you are amazing. I would be floundering without your support and commitment.

We’ve already been one of the most active summer staffs over The Hustler’s history, and that in large part is due to how willing you, the Vanderbilt community, have been to talk to us. The Hustler has a huge responsibility this year. We want and need you to continue to help us keep everyone informed.

The Hustler wants to hear from every voice on campus. Reach out to us. We want to shine a light on issues that are deeply embedded in our community. We promise to do justice to your stories. 

Years from now, when we look back on the year that was 2020, I want to say even in our darkest moments, we still found a way to continue, to push forward, to bring about necessary change. 

Good luck, and anchor down!


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