Thursday, December 13, 2018

About Us

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The Vanderbilt Hustler began as a weekly campus newspaper in 1888. “Published without faculty approval or review, the newspaper was sharp, critical, deliberately controversial,” Paul Conkin said of the paper in his 1985 Gone With the Ivy: A Biography of Vanderbilt University. “It aired issues on all sides, freely criticized faculty and the board, entered enthusiastically the debate over McTyeire’s successor, and was a sounding board for student complaints.” The paper came under control of Vanderbilt Student Communications in 1967. In 1998, The Hustler became financially independent by declining activities fee subsidies.

InsideVandy was founded in March 2006 when the Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC) Board of Directors unanimously voted to create the site following a semester-long study performed by student media leaders. The study centered around technological changes and shifts in consumer preferences in the media both nationally and at Vanderbilt.

The student leaders’ findings indicate that consumers, particularly college-age and younger, rely primarily on the Internet and other digital forms for news, commentary and entertainment. As a way to ensure that Vanderbilt was not only on top of the shift, but remained a leader in the student media industry, VSC decided in 2006 that it was necessary to move student media at Vanderbilt toward a model that has digital delivery at its center. The result was InsideVandy and its various staffs made efforts to ensure that the site was on the forefront of digital media presentation.

Since 2006, InsideVandy and its various staffs have made efforts to ensure that the site is on the forefront of digital media presentation. The InsideVandy staff works alongside other student media leaders in Suite 130 of Sarratt Student Center on the Vanderbilt campus.

In 2014, leaders of The Vanderbilt Hustler and InsideVandy came together and decided that merging the separate divisions was in the best interest of student media at Vanderbilt. The VSC Board approved the proposal, and became at the start of the 2014-2015 school year. The editor-in-chief of The Hustler now oversees both the print and online versions.

Following the 2015-2016 school year, the VSC Board, with support from The Hustler staff, voted to move The Hustler solely online. The move sought to allow for a greater focus on content production and technological advancements, while looking to get ahead in a direction the rest of the field seems headed.

The Vanderbilt Hustler staff works alongside other student media leaders in Suite 130 of Sarratt Student Center on the Vanderbilt campus.

The Vanderbilt Hustler serves as a news source for the goings on of campus, a forum for students’ perspectives and a lens into what life is like at Vanderbilt. We follow trends, report on breaking news, keep tabs on sports teams and provide the Vanderbilt community with the context they need to form informed opinions about issues and changes on campus. A completely student-run (learn about our staff here) publication, the Hustler is housed under Vanderbilt Student Communications, an organization that is independent from the University itself but is housed on campus. Our home is in the newsroom, Sarratt 130, which we share with the other media organizations on campus.

The Hustler’s content is divided into six sections, each of which is run by an editor and staffed by Vanderbilt students. There’s no application process to join the Hustler–it’s open to any interested Vanderbilt student.

The Campus section provides information about university changes, announcements, initiatives and influential on-campus events. The Campus staff maintains close connections with important campus players, including administration, student government and other student leaders, faculty and staff to ensure they are reporting on the most important news and incorporating several perspectives and angles. Beyond describing the “what,” they set out to answer the “why” and the “how” questions, investigating the behind-the scenes-information and providing a holistic view of current events.

The Opinion section offers a platform for students to express their views, reactions and suggestions. The opinion staff is composed of a diverse group of students who thoughtfully analyze Vanderbilt affairs, policies and campus climate and offer their input in a concise, constructive manner. Additionally, any Vanderbilt student (undergraduate or graduate), faculty or staff member is encouraged to submit their own opinion pieces, letters to the editor and reactions to previous pieces here for review by the opinion editor and for possible publication as a guest piece.

The Life staff keeps it “fun and flirty,” bringing you updates about entertainment, fashion, food, music and more, both on campus and around Nashville. From “plan your week” and “plan your weekend” posts to restaurant reviews, fashion updates, fresh playlists, and suggestions for how to spend all that free time we know you have, the life staff does the hard work of keeping up with always-evolving trends for you.

The Voices section is composed of bi-weekly columns written by students with expertise in everything from veganism to LGBT life to conservative values.

The Sports section aims to provide comprehensive and fair coverage of every Vanderbilt varsity sports team, keep the student body informed on their athletic teams, hold those in charge of Vanderbilt Athletics responsible for their conduct and tell the stories of student athletes that need to, and should be told.

The Multimedia staff seeks to report on Vanderbilt-relevant news through visually compelling mediums. Staffers utilize photography and videography to cover events and tell stories.

Comments Section Policy
The Vanderbilt Hustler welcomes and encourages readers to engage with content and express opinions through the comments section on our website and social media platforms. However, The Hustler reserves the right to remove comments that violate the outlined policy. Comments which contain vulgarity, hate speech, personal attacks or appear to be spam or commercial promotion will be blocked or removed by The Hustler. The comments section, both on the website and social media, is moderated by the Editor in Chief.