PODCAST: Alyssa Muir talks Women’s hoops ‘sign of life’, Men’s Basketball’s fork in the road

In Episode 18 of Live from West End, Alyssa Muir joins the crew to discuss men’s and women’s hoops.


Barrie Barto

Ciaja Harbison shoots a three-pointer, as photographed on Jan. 29, 2023. (Hustler Multimedia/Barrie Barto)

Aiden Rutman and Bryce Smith

On a special episode of Live from West End, former Deputy Sports Editor Alyssa Muir joins to talk both Men’s and Women’s Basketball with Sports Editor Bryce Smith and Deputy Sports Editor Aiden Rutman. The group discusses Women’s Basketball’s big win against Texas A&M on Sunday, as well as back-to-back losses for Men’s Basketball’s against Kentucky and Texas A&M. Aiden and Bryce conclude the show with three questions for the week for both teams, as well as a heated debate about Trader Joe’s and Midwest vs. Northeast Accents.

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