Notes from Nash: Notes with David A. Owens – Learn to Articulate the Weird

An informative interview about innovation, creativity, and workspace productivity


Farouk Ramzan, Staff Podcaster

Host Farouk Ramzan sits down for an informative interview with Dr. David A. Owens, Professor of Practice of Management and Innovation and Evans Family Executive Director at the Wond’ry Innovation Center. Over the years, Owens has done consulting for NASA, The Smithsonian, LEGO, Nissan LEAF, Cisco, and many other organizations. He has also product-designed for companies such as Apple and Dell Computer. He holds a Ph.D in management science and engineering from Stanford and an MS in engineering product design and is a registered professional electrical engineer. Owens has also published a book called Creative People Must Be Stopped: 6 Ways to Kill Innovation (Without Even Trying) in 2011, an excellent book that addresses the full complexity of what it takes to innovate.

david owens