Looking for love? Datamatch can help

Check out Datamatch, a free online matching service that can bring you a special someone this Valentine’s Day—right from Vanderbilt’s campus.



Datamatch is coming… are you ready to find true love?

Veronica Tadross, Staff Writer

A project by the Harvard Computer Society in 1994 may very well bring you a date this Valentine’s Day in Nashville. How? Check out datamatch.me to see.

On Monday, Feb. 7, Datamatch will be launching on Vanderbilt’s campus, a free matchmaking service aiming to help frustrated students find their true love. Recently, Datamatch has expanded from where it began as a Harvard CS project into a dating service for over 30 schools across the country, among them Yale, FIT and Boston University. 

This will be the second year of Datamatch at Vanderbilt, and students can sign up on the Datamatch website using their Vanderbilt emails.

This year, Datamatch will be brought to Vanderbilt by the hub of all things true love: The Slant. The program works by giving students a survey which then matches them with another student of the preferred sex with the most similar answers. Sophomore Samuel Sliman, the Slant’s Social Media Chair, has been working with other writers the past few weeks to create humorous questions to make the perfect matches for students here at Vanderbilt. Past questions used at Harvard University include everything from “If your flirting style is an app, what would it be?” to “I scream. You scream. We all scream for [fill in the blank].”

Datamatch posters and flyers like this one will be hung up around campus. (Datamatch)

“The Slant is really excited to be the voice behind Datamatch this year,” Sliman said. “We’re ready to bring a little bit of spice to the Datamatch format, and help people find some love along the way.”

And while we definitely don’t wanna look any more like we’re trying to be the Harvard of the South (because we all know they’re really the Vanderbilt of the North), who can complain about a free date?

Students can sign up for this intriguing service (or just click to read some silly questions) by scanning the QR code above. Flyers will also be hung up around campus to bolster your love life this February.

If no one buys you that heart-shaped Rand cookie you wanted this Valentine’s Day, Datamatch ensures that you’ll at least have something (or someone?) to do. Computer nerds save the day. Who knew?