Smoothie King unveils new summer flavors and ingredients

While not all of the new offerings lived up to the hype, the sheer variety of additions is worth checking out for anyone with a smoothie affinity.


A lineup of Smoothie King’s offerings. (Photo courtesy of Smoothie King)

Shun Ahmed, Staff Writer

The latest scoop—or sip—at Smoothie King is a big one. From new ingredients and personalizations to pre-ordering on new technological platforms, the chain has a lot in store for blended drink lovers this year. I had the lucky opportunity to attend a tasting this summer and have all the new insights for Vandy’s resident smoothie addicts.

First up, we have the Clean Blends promise: Smoothie King’s oath that what goes into any smoothie is just as important as what it tastes like. They promise no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, nor syrups, while making sure all smoothies are both gluten- and soy-free. You can visit their “No-No List” to see all the ingredients you will never find in any smoothies.

A display of fresh smoothie ingredients at the summer tasting event. (Hustler Staff/Shun Ahmed)

Next up was the Veggie-Lemon Ginger Spinach smoothie, which was honestly the most vibrant green juice I have ever tried—and I mean that in the best way possible. The ginger and lemon were a bit overpowering, but their flavors successfully hid the fact that this smoothie was packed with vegetables, including kale, spinach and carrots. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Additionally, the Metabolism Boost was also released this summer—providing a range of clean ingredients and naturally-derived caffeine to compliment your fitness routine. I got to try the Strawberry Pineapple version of it, which definitely was better than average for a “healthy” smoothie. However, I will admit the texture was very off-putting, with an almost powdered feeling. It tasted great, but I didn’t finish it fully, as it felt like drinking flour.

Last, I tried the Chocolate Activator from the Activator line. Most of these smoothies had good reviews, if not very strong recommendations to try them; however, this is the only one I can’t recommend in good conscience. It was bitter and had the consistency of swallowing liquid concrete.

Smoothie King made many changes this summer to make their smoothies so much more accessible, no matter your diet, preferences, or health goals, while still ensuring the best taste possible. Though not all of the new smoothies made my personal favorites list, I would still highly recommend checking them out at a location near you. And it couldn’t be easier—there’s literally two on campus (in the Rec and on West End). Come on, guys.