Frutta Bowls reports overnight break-in June 28

Burglar smashed through glass doors to enter the Elliston Place restaurant, stealing the cash till. Neighboring store Edible Arrangements was also hit.


Cole Sullivan

Frutta Bowls and neighboring store Edible Arrangements were broken into the morning of June 28.

Cole Sullivan, Staff Writer

One of the most recent additions to Taste of Nashville, Frutta Bowls, was robbed around 2:30 a.m. CDT Monday morning per owner Adam Pierce. Frutta Bowls opened today for business as usual despite their glass door being shattered.

Pierce reported that the only thing stolen was the cashbox. While the business usually conducts the majority of its transactions via Commodore Card or credit and debit card, this past weekend Frutta catered a lacrosse event where Pierce said they “just couldn’t get product there fast enough.” It had been the restaurant’s most successful weekend ever, with a large number of sales being made in cash.

Pierce also reported that the neighboring business, Edible Arrangements, was robbed at the same time by the same person in a black hoodie and gloves. Both stores should have their doors replaced today.

“I’m just afraid people will feel unsafe eating here after these incidents [referencing the Feb. 2 Satay robbery] in the past six months,” Pierce said.